Zombiestuck: A Roleplay by RainbowDerp99 & RavenWalkerEdit

RainbowDerp99Karkat- FUCK! THESE THINGS WONT STOP COMING! WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE!??? *slashes off zombie's head*RavenWalkerNepeta: I don't know, Karkitty! Eridan: Fuck, Sol, protect me!RainbowDerp99Sollux- *scoffs* I should've just let them catch you. *throws zombie away with his telekinesis*Dave- Ok guys, lets just calm the fuck down.Gamzee- Dude, do you think some pies would calm these guys down? *slams a zombie with his club*Terezi- Everything tastes so red....and blue.... and purple..... its rainbows everywhereRavenWalkerJohn: D-dammit, this is hard! *does the windy thing to blow zombies away*RainbowDerp99Dave- John, what the fucknuts is going on? This is..... crazy, man.

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