Perfect. Just perfect, Jarod thought.

The air was warm, the sun was shining, there was relieving breeze in the air, scented of cherry blossoms. The creek was babbling behind the gate, and the grass was nice and green.

Yes, it was unquestionable.

Jarod sighed and sat down in the grass. He was wearing a human disguise now, so as to fit in. Right now, he just looked like your ordinary average Joe, just a guy out for a day to relax and unwind.

But he wasn't.

As it would turn out, he happened to be the ruler of an alien substance called Phazon. He had already corrupted four planets and ruled them with an iron -excuse me, Phazon- fist.

Now he was here, on Earth.

However, he had no plans to corrupt this planet.

There was plenty of food and water, there was a lot of heavy vegitation, the air was mostly clean, and the residents here, humans, weren't hostile... Most of the time.

Jarod leaned back into the grass and sighed again. The grass was ticklish and soft. You couldn't find that on a Phazon-corrupted planet.

You also couldn't find people here like he had found.

There was Jason, a serious, mostly tame guy. He was very calm most of the time, but when you criticized him about his likes and dislikes, you were in for a fight! And he was one of the best fighters Jarod had ever seen.

Jimi, Jack, and Lewis, a lot like the "Three Stooges", as people had compared them to. Jimi was a bit of a pervert, Jack was a bit of a goof, and Lewis was just plain weird. They weren't as big as fighters, more of comedians.

Ayla was just about the best artist Jarod had ever seen, and she wrote great stories, especially "shipping", a kind of short romance story. She loved a comic called Homestuck and loved "anime and manga".

However, Phazon couldn't help but let his mind wander back to his planets. How were they going on without him there to oversee things? How were the experiments Toxin, Jarod's lead scientist and torture expert, faring? How-

"Whatchu doin'?" a soft but strong voice quiered overhead.

Jarod looked up, and realized his eyesight was nearly obscured in a veil of soft black.

"You're thinking again, aren't you? You worry too much. You need to relax!"

Jarod smiled softly. Then there was Rayven, the first girl he had met here on Earth. She was a little shy and secluded, but around her friends she was outgoing as could be. She also had... Strange properties. But then they all did.

Rayven had hair black as night, but kind of boy-ish. She had blue eyes as blue as the sky at dawn, just before the sun comes up. She could float and fly, and give off an aura as blue as her eyes. This aura was very light, but very strong. Jarod's Phazon cannon couldn't even make a dent in it! It could also give very powerful attacks and reinforce her body for close contact.

She was floating over him now, and to Jarod's point of view, she looked like she was upside-down. She always acted this silly around him. She wasn't exactly as mentally stable as she could be, and she was prone to being bipolar. One minute she'd be calm as could be, then she'd be psychopathic, paranoid, irritable, malicious, or the worst: Suicidal.

But that's why Jarod liked her. She was naive and unpredictable, and she could challenge anyone at any minute. That's what happened the first time he met her.

Rayven sensed he wasn't really who he said he was, and challenged that. She pushed and prodded at him until she found the truth. They fought hard after that, and Jarod certainly didn't like her. At ALL.

But then she came to grow on him, and vise-versa. They got along great and always took opportunities to train together. Although she didn't want to be infused with the great poison -she claimed she's rather push her OWN powers- she was a really nice girl.

"See? There's a smile!" she giggled.

Jarod raised his hands and placed tghem on either side of her small waist, then picked her up and pulled her down so that she was upside down. He let her go and she giggled, twisting so that she was the right way up again and at his head level. She was about his age, but there was a foot difference between their heights.

Jarod tapped her nose lightly and she stuck her tongue out at him, giggling as she did so. She held out her hand and a small blue ball of her energy appeared in it. Rayven sighede as she felt the energy from her own power sending waves throughout her body.

"Having fun there?" Jarod grinned at her. Rayven eagerly nodded back with a giggle.

"You should try it sometime!" she gave a cheeky smile.

Jarod pulled a fake surprised face then took the opportunity to grab her waist and pull her close to him.

Rayven only giggled and flew away a few meters away from him. Jarod looked disappointed but gave a playful smile.

"Do I have to catch you again?" he ran up after her. She took off at a flight of normal running speed so Jarod could catch up.

Rayven squealed with delight and fought to keep away from Phazon. She was only playing, but now she was getting a little riled up and out of control.

"Hey! Slow down!" Jarod called.

"You can't catch me~!" Rayven sang out in a high voice.

Jarod stopped for a minute and panted to catch his breath. It was obvious he wasn't going to catch her this way. How was he going to get her now?

Jarod looked up, then gave a sneaky grin. He laughed and a Phazon-blue tendril popped out from his back. Then another. And another. And two more. And even more after that.

One of them shot up and grabbed Rayven by the ankle. Rayven screamed and reached down to try and undo the tendril. It wouldn't budge. Another one came up and grabbed her wrist. Two more repeated this with the free joints.

"AHH! Hey, no tendrils!" Rayven glared down at Jarod.

"You started it!" he laughed.

Rayven struggled a little more, but she couldn't free herself. She could pull at the tentacles, and bring her limbs close to her body, but the tendrils always pulled back. They stratched her out, and the were stronger than her. Then she stopped. She grumbled but willingly stated, "OK, I give up."

"Good," Jarod pulled her down. She allowed him to wrap his arms around her, hugging her close.

Jarod sighed contentedly and ran his fingers through her hair. She always liked that. "I don't think I'd have gotten this far on Earth without you."

Rayven burst out laughing, "Of course you would have! You've got Phazon, silly!" She stuck her tongue out at him again.

Jarod sighed again and smiled, seeing that she would protest no matter what. They meant the world to eachother, and they needed eachother more than either of them could ever admit.

Jarod relaxed the tendrils' grip on her -but didn't exactly let go- and focused on keeping her close. Rayven had relaxed by now, calming down so that she could rest her forehead against his. Jarod nuzzled her cheek gently, waiting until Rayven lifted her head for him to kiss her.

Their lips connected, allowing them to feel pleasant sensations rippling through their bodies from their lips.

Her lips were always so soft. She had been eating sweets again. Today it was Sour Patch Kids and a cherry Dr. Pepper from Sonic.

He hadn't been having anything. That was okay. She had grown accustomed to it. The only thing he'd ever seen him eat was the heavenly nachos.

Phazon felt a warmness jumping to her face. She always blushed when they kissed. It was a happy moment for her, and despite being held in things that had given her nightmares for she didn't know how many nights, if she was in his arms she was in the safest place in the world.

Jarod broke the kiss and Rayven in turn rested her head on his shoulder.

"We should get going. Remember when the Three Stooges caught us last time?" Jarod reminded her.

"Oh, yeah, I remember," Rayven laughed.

They were silent for a few moments.

"Love you, Jarod."

"Love you, too, Raye."

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