Diliges: I'll take that as a yes, I've been treasure hunting again. I heard there was a secret chamber holding an ancient treasure for a "Chosen Hero of the Net", but no one knows what that means. What were you doing here.

You explain to her the situation. You had been the best in you class, and as a reward, you were to singe your blade insignia over the First Fire with the honor of you friend from school (she was an overseer, despite being a year younger than everyone) to do the ritual. You explained the fact of your absence from school, which allowed the spies to scoop out the area without fret, as explained by the sages. You had overslept, allowing them to take siege, stain power from the eternal flame, empowering Nozpah and allowing him to destroy the town, kidnapping Catemore in order to learn the locations of the other first elements. The smoke awoken you, and you went around town until finding everyone in the church sanctuary. You sneaked away heading after Nozpah, and fell down a hill.

Diliges: Hmm.... that won't work.

What won't work?

Sure it will!

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