Kevin (I think thats Sweeties name :P)


June (some name that was suggested for Raven on the chat and also WHY IS THERE SO MANY J's ON THIS WIKI?!)

Other people will make apperances, like some people from fanfics becuz well...this is set in the wikia system and this is a fanfic wiki sooo...

Lucifer (becuz i think Blue's nickname was Blucifer at one point sooo....Lucifer :P)


Slenderman (from Masked's fanfics)

Eridan (Derp was saying how fabulous he was so i just had to add him in :P)

Raychel (from Raven's series)

Blaze (human form)



The wika system is a place full of userhomes and wiki members who chat and contribute knowledge to the wiki world, but one day and mysterious figure wanted to know much more about how the wikia world was created so he went to where it all started...Wikia Community Centrel, he found out many things as he was there but he wanted to know more, so he came across many things like the creator of the wikia and how it was build from the ground up. But his lust for knowledge soon became his downfall because after a while he came across a room, a room which no one but the creator of the wikia can go in, but this man wanted to know so much that he ignored the warning and so he came across Plan Z. He could not find out anything about the plan so the only way he could find anything about it was that he activated Plan Z. Which initiated the virus, this was only to be used if the wikia went out of control and the trolls and spammers took over. And so many users were infected, but somehow, someway there were only a few users who were immune to this virus and now, they must find each other and survive and get into another system, the system called 4chan...

Main themeEdit

The Outbreak Radioactive Theme Song03:05

The Outbreak Radioactive Theme Song


Wikia Outbreak poster 1

Jason looking over wikia

Jason (masked) looking over the wikia system


Jason (left) Ayla Raven (sitting together) and Jarod (right) camping at a train station.

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