To keep our community happy we have made a fourm for problems or concerns.

1:Please no spamming in chat or anywhere else, it is very immmature and will get you banned.

2:Please don't vandalize other's pages, that will also get you banned.

3:Please do not be rude to other users...we are VERY friendly here and are here to help you, if you are rude to us...we are rude to you.

4:Please do not try to destory this wiki in ANY way will get you banned from this wiki completely and can get in in ALOT of trouble with the wika staff.

5:We do not mind if you cuss...but if you say anything offensive,you will be warned and kicked if you keep doing will also get banned if you continue after that.

6:Although we allow cussing, please keep this wiki clean by not cussing much on public pages for the sake of little children who visit our wiki.

7:No stalking or doing anything that may make our users uncomfortable.Zero Tolerance,which means you will be banned immeadently without warning.

8:Although photos are open media,do not post any pictures of male or female nudity.

Thank you for visiting our wiki, I hope you have fun......

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