The Beast

Once apon a time in a town named Foxworthy in 1746 a man was walking along.Then a native american approached him asking if he could spare his crops.The man denied,saying they trade or no bussiness.The Native pleaded again,claiming he had nothing,as the british swipped everything from his land.The man continued to decline and demanded the native go away.While walking away the native put his hand on the man and stated"Dragi Bože, molim te daj mi snage da psuju tog mladog čovjeka strašno za svoj grešni actions.You su bili lovac wolf.Now bit ćeš lovu."(It`s Croatian,however it`s unknown to this day how the native knew this language)The man thinks the native is stating nonsense,so he leaves.Later on,the man is eating apples when all of a sudden,a huge wind begins blowing and a storm begins.The apples are blown away,and the man is thrown into the air.As he rises,the moon,which happens to be full,comes into the mans vision,he then pluments to the ground.Hours later he is awaken in a field,the storm has passed and as the man makes his way

the man

to his home,only to find it destroyed.The apples had blown away to the natives home,and the wood was used by him to make a better house for his family.Enraged,the man made his way to his house,until a officer stopped him.He claimed the man had been caught attacking villages."Impossible"said the man."Witnesses claimed they saw someone distinctently resemmbling you wearing a wolf fur attacking the villagers."replied the officer.The man was then taken to the jail.In his cell the man looked out the window to find another storm and a full moon.He quickly covered his eyes,believing he was possessed into attacking the village last time.His arms started to grow fur and claws,and he started developing a snount.He uncovered his eyes and transformed into a wolfman,or a werewolf.Howling,another werewolf bursted through the jail and helped the man escape.From then on the aurtorities kept the presence of werewolves secret from the public for 266 years until a man named Jackson Knowles started uncovering the mystery.

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