AUTHORS NOTE: O MAH GAWD IT'S FINALLY BEING MADE. Before we begin, CF told me to credit the owners of the characters in this story. Let's do that first.

I would like to credit







And me for making Epic Coffee...

Now we must.... BEGIN!


Faust was the starter of all ponies. Celestia and Luna were her children. In the alicorn process, the pony begins off as either a unicorn or a pegasus or a bizzaro pegasus. At their 21st birthday, they become an alicorn. The reason for this is because, you might either be part of the Faust family or be made from magic.

Celestia and Luna knew that they'd die one day. They just had to rely on the next pony in the Faust family... they just weren't expecting that DJ who plays at Club Canterlot to be that pony....

Octavia woke up at the loud sound of WUBS! "DAMMIT VINYL COULD YOU STOP THESE WUBS! THEY FREAKING ANNOY ME SO MUCH!". Vinyl knew it was her 21st birthday tomorrow so the Dubstep Dishwasher kept on playing. And nopony gave a crap that day. Octavia tried to sleep while Vinyl was making music.

The next morning, Vinyl woke up to find.... "HOLY CRAP WHAT THE HELL WHEN DID I HAVE WINGS". "TAVI! I HAVE WINGS!". "Nice try, Vinyl. There's no way you're an ali...WHAT THE CRAP?"

Vinyl had to be taken to Celestia. She'd know what was going on. "She was a regular unicorn before, now she's an alicorn!".

"I have seen this before. She may be part of the Faust family." "MYGOSHWHAT?" "When me and Luna die, she'll have to be the ruler of the kingdom!" "VINYL RULER OF THE KINGDOM?"

"Actually, that would be very cool" Vinyl interrupted. "While it is nice ruling a kingdom, there's one thing you need to do first." Celestia said. "And that is?" "A FLIGHT EXAM!"


PART TWO (Narrated from Octavia's perspective)

Everypony hated exams. It made earth ponies thankful that they didn't have a horn or wings. With Vinyl's new wings she had to take one! Strangely enough, most of the ponies there were adults. Some ponies were alicorns, and some ponies were just... there. And some were fillies. The first pony who the speaker called up was "Phazon". He was a alicorn who had Nightmare-Moonish eyes. He had rope attached to his tail which connected to a white earth pony. The extra weight caused him to fall through the cloud floor during the freefall. He failed his test.

The next pony was named "Zephyr." She didn't seem too bright as in the first ten seconds she jumped off the cloud floor during the freefall. She failed too.

And then, a filly did it perfectly.

The next pony was a alicorn named "Epic Coffee". She was a mare who began flying... and crashed into a cloud. While a lot more decent than the others, she failed anyway.

The last one was named Blaze and he yelled "You guys can watch my ass as i go flying!" He jumped up.... and fell down.

It was time for Vinyl to take the test! She began flying and then crashed into a cloud. Everypony hates that cloud.

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