This weird crap is inspired by The Pink Elephants from Dumbo.

The Pink PonyphantsEdit

The more you stay, the more insane you get...

Upon hearing this frightening statement, the ponies realised that the only way out of The Rainbow Factory was... THE DOOR OF BIG LIPPED ALLIGATOR MOMENTS.

As they opened the door, a Ponyphant began jumping out in the air, splitting into multiple ponyphants. "Phazon, do you see what I see?" asked Windrider. As the ponyphants began... doing stuff, they began to sing...

Look Out

Look Out

Pink Ponyphants On Parade

Here we come!

Hippety Hoppety!

We're here and there

The Pink Ponyphants everywhere

Look Out! Look Out!

They're walking around your bed

On their head

Clippety clopitty

Arryed in braid

Pink Ponyphants on Parade

What'll this do?

What'll this do?


"What the hell is happening? Did somepony put acid in my drink?", Epic Coffee's word's of anger.

I could make somepony insane

And look at rather strange germs

But technicolour pachyderms is really too much for me

I am not the type to say

If things are strange or things are insane

But seeing things that aren't right

Can give you an awful fright!

What a sight!

Take em' away! Take em' away!

I'm afraid i'll need your aid

Pink ponyphants...

Pink ponyphants...

Pink ponyphants...

After that mindscrew the crew finally escaped. But before they knew it, they were still in the rainbow factory...

Nopony escapes The Rainbow Factory...

Grimshot planned for the subject of torture, because he was the owner of the Rainbow Factory, after somehow waking up with pegasus wings.


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