I should've continued this. It's one of my better fics but i'll have to finish Slenderstuck and make it more planned out. I'll try to get it back later on.  AUTHOR'S NOTE: Here's a fic that came out of nowhere. It's going to be quite short. I'll work on it throughout the week. Nopony's OC will appear, it's just something that i'm making. Or maybe it will be really long if it sticks and people like it and want more. Vinyl going to The Rainbow Factory is not coming in a while but she'll have a major apperance in this fic.

My Little Pony Friendship was magic01:36

My Little Pony Friendship was magic

Watch this first or you won't get it.


All was lost. The Queen had won. Discord was free. Celestia had been killed. Twilight was bleeding and unconscious. It was up to Luna to set things right. She was carrying Twilight while she heard bloodcurdling screams of ponies getting tortured. Princess Luna had no idea what was going on, she just knew that Canterlot was under a threat. A huge threat. This would not be easy.  

Queen Chrysalis had been kidnapping and torturing ponies all day. Wrapping them up in cocoons while turning them into changelings. She had larger plans than turning Celestia into one. Her power was enough to kill the godess. Even if Rainbow Dash escaped the changeling process, she had sent somepony to deal with her....  

This will be continued if successful. Please leave your honest thoughts on the story in the comments!

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