Opening Theme Edit

[2:00] (Understanding Secrets, in bold letters, appears, then catches dissolves into shadow)
Carol of the Bells - Trans-Siberian Orchestra-003:44

Carol of the Bells - Trans-Siberian Orchestra-0

[Run from 2:00 - 3:19!]

[2:07] (footage of Raye laughing at the camera runs, with her eyes shining brightly)

[2:10] (footage of Jarod flipping through a journal)

[2:11] (footage of Jason looking at the camera, then punching the screen)

[2:16] (footage of Kevin looking in a mirror, in which the Observer looks back to show his personae, runs]

[2:22] (footage of Edward runs, one half of his face showing himself, the other showing Firebrand)

[2:30] (footage of Mary putting on lipstick, turning around, then turning back to show Cursor)

[2:36] (footage of John laughing insanely, then covering his face with his hands. His hands move from his eyes, showing himself as Mr. Scars)

[2:49] (footage of the Slender Man runs. The camera spins 360, now footage of the Slender Man resting his hands on Kevin's shoulders. Kevin's head is bowed)

[2:58] (footage of Raye and Kevin fighting. Kevin strikes Raye across the face, immediately showing regret)

[3:03] (footage shown previously is replayed, sped up)

[3:04] (footage of Raye sobbing)

[3:06] (footage of Kevin pointing a gun at the camera)

[3:08] (footage of Raye and Kevin back to back) [3:14] (Understanding Secrets text appears again, both in English and Japanese)

[3:19] (fade to black)


Years after a family tragety, Kevin and Amber, brother and sister, are living by themselves in their late parents' summer home. However, Kevin is usually gone for days at a time, and can't tell Amber where he has been. Amber starts to get worried, and finally she finds the truth... A horrible secret. Join these unforgetable characters as we join them in their quest, and watch as truth, hate, betrayal, suspense, acceptance, forgiveness, friendship, and love burst forth from their journey.


The story starts in Gainsville, Florida. From then it goes to Los Angelos, California, then to Denver, Colorado.


There are seven main characters, many re-occuring charcters, unquantifiable cameos, and unlimited animals.

Slender Man & The Collective(A.K.A., Proxies) Edit

Slender ManEdit

Slender Manjk

Slender Man

Names: Der Grobman, The Tall Man, Cotton Eye Joe, Mr. Slim, The Keeper, The Administrator

Age: N/A

Abilities: Unquantifiable

"The game cannot be played until all the pieces are in place."

Kevin Haas Edit

Personae: Sentinel(The Observer)


Age: 21

Abilities: Mind, Body, Time, Space Manipulation

Bad Habit: Smoking

"Who is more foolish; The boy that is afraid of the dark, or the man that is afraid of the light?"

Noah MaxwellEdit

Personae: Firebrand


Age: 21

Abilities: Mind, Body, Time, Space Manipulation

Bad Habit: Scaring People

"I remember."

Mary AsherEdit

Personae: Cursor


Age: 35

Abilities: Body Manpiulation

Bad Habit: Vain When It Comes To Looks

"I am a Queen, not a Rook, and will be treated as so."

John AsherEdit

Personae: Mr. Scars
Mr. Scars

Mr. Scars

Age: 38

Abilities: Body, Mind Manipulation

Bad Habit: Shy and Backs Out Too Easilly

"Uh, hi. Can you, uh... No? Oh... Okay, then..."


Amber Haas Edit

Age: 14
Pink purple black girl b by x itac


Abilities: Fight, Weapons Experience, Hidden Power

Bad Habit: Anger Issues and Mental Challenges

"Kev, just because amber eyes are a one-in-a-thousand shot does not mean I'm gonna let you baby me! I can take care of myself just fine!"


Age: 15

Abilities: Fight, Weapons Experience, Mysterious Notebook


Bad Habit: Can get really protective of friends or comrades

"This journal holds everything. I just write down whatever I want and I get it!"


Age: 15

Abilities: Fight, Weapons Experience, Pen-Sword

Bad Habit: Easilly Offended


"The pen is mightier than the sword, but why use the pen?"

Re-occuring CharactersEdit

Deadhead(Member of the Collective.)

Persolous(Member of the Collective.)

Swain(Member of the Collective.)

Ayla(Different one; NOT from Eye To Eye.)

Jimi(Amber's Fire version of Blaze.)

Lewis(short-tempered gas station attendant with a bucket he likes to tap on.)

Jeff(teen that loves the thrill of the fight. Favorite weapon is a knife.)

Tobor(Raye's mysterious consience, who speaks to her and occasionally shows up in her dreams as a shadow.)


The Rake

Humanized Pony Characters



Homestuck Kids










Understanding Secrets - Prologue

Understanding Secrets - Chapter One: Seven Years Later

Understanding Secrets - Chapter Two: The Family

Understanding Secrets - Chapter Three: A Secret Revealed

Understanding Secrets, Chapter Four - Wake Up

Understanding Secrets, Chapter Five - The Secret's Out

Understanding Secrets, Chapter Six - Trapped

Understanding Secrets, Chapter Seven - Kevin Snaps

Understanding Secrets, Chapter Eight - The Collective Understanding Secrets, Chapter Nine - A Nightmare and a Dream

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