Blooper #1Edit

Raychel: *runs to bedroom door*

Kevin: Up there! Raychel! STOP!!

Raychel: *slams door shut; ON FINGERS* AHH! AAAH! AAAAH!!! *opens door and runs off the set, still screaming*

Kevin: *covering mouth still doubled open in laughter*

Raychel: OH, SHUT THE **** UP, YOU SON OF A **** ***** ***** **** *****!!

Marker Guy: *snaps marker shut*

Blooper #2Edit

Marker Guy: Marker. Take Twelve. *snaps marker shut*

Raychel: *running away from Kevin and Noah, cue Jimi; Raychel runs into Jimi*

Jimi: Oh, hey. I'm Jimi. Wanna screw me?

Raychel: *blushing and laughing* WHERE ARE YOUR ****ING PANTS??

Jimi: HUH? THE SCRIPT SAID- *takes out script, in which shirt is scratched out and replaced with pants* RRGH! JASON!!

Marker Guy: *laughing* Cut!!

Deleted Scene #1: Slender Man's VisitEdit

(Note from RayvenTheInsane: I didn't make this chapter because I wanted to wait until later when you could see some reasons for character conflict between Raychel and The Slender Man. I wanted to wait until Slender Man tried to sway her to join the Collective so you could see his malevolent and gentle sides and Raychel's submissive side.)

Raychel ducked under the low branches of the trees and hopped over the rocks and fallen trees. Her breathing was heavy and ragged as she tried hard to keep ahead of the game.

"Faster, Raychel. You're losing," a voice chuckled ominously.

That was all the motivation Raychel needed to speed up. She took off and pushed herself through a thorny brush, which left one of her arms with scratches and cuts.

Suddenly she tripped and skid across the forest floor with a crash. By now she was covered with dirt and scratches, and her jeans were caked with mud.

She rolled over and defiantly scooted up against a tree, her back against it. She growled and kicked at the figure in front of her, stubborn and defiant.

The tall faceless figure in front of her stared at her, and Raychel knew if he had a mouth it would be up to one side in a smirk.

The figure extended those long inky tentacles from his back, threateningly inching them towards Raychel. Raychel's hands only found the empty air as she tried to smack them away.

Suddenly raychel was back in front of her house again. The man was gone.

Frazzled, Raychel got up and brushed herself off as best as she could, and ran into her house through the front door.

"There you are!" her brother stomped over to her and examined her. "Where have you been?"

Blooper #3Edit

Slender Man: *tentacles around Raychel's throat* You think you can sleep through this, Raychel? Wake up!

Raychel: *choking* Go to ****.

Slender Man: *tightens grip* As far as you know, Raychel I'm the- *babbles incoherently* Oh, I don't know what I'm doing. *facepalm; releases Raychel temporarilly*

Raychel: *is laughing softly* Can we do that again?

Marker Guy: Cut!

Blooper #4Edit

Slender Man: *is dragging The Observer and Mr. Scars apart with tentacles* There will be none of this uncivil rough-housing in my... Oh, wait. I'm sorry, but, what's my motivation here?

Microphone Guy: Uh, you're an evil entity with the goal of assimilating your next victim into your minions.

Slender Man: Yes, yes, I know, but I feel like there's something missing here, that, that TRUE element of evil, or sinisterness. That goal of, "All right, we get the girl and we get her in, no questions asked". Can we try this again? Can we try this again? OK, this one's for me!

Outtake #1Edit

Slender Man: *takes a swift step forward* Do you think I'm stupid?

Raychel: *flatly* No.

Slender Man: Do I look stupid, to you?

Raychel: *opens mouth* Pff... *starts laughing*

Slender Man: *lowers head and shakes it* Oh, God...

Raychel: OK, OK, I'm sorry. Can I try that again?


Slender Man: Do you think I'm stupid?

Raychel: Pfft, *starts laughing again; doubles over*

Slender Man: *facepalm*

Raychel: OK, just one more time. I'm sorry, I just...


Slender Man: Do you think I'm stupid?

Raychel: Yes! *points and doubles over again*

Slender Man: *voice breaking* OK, this is the fifteenth take, and I can not take this anymore. I will be in my trailer!

Raychel: Yeah, good idea, I think I need a break. Can we get a break here?

Marker Guy: Cut!!

Blooper #5Edit

Kevin: *clicks tongue* I think someone's been reading under the covers again.

Edward: *comes behind to grab Raychel* EVERYBODY DANCE NOW! *starts rocking head forward*

Raychel: *covers face, laughing head off*

Kevin: *chuckling*

Mary and Johnny: *Seriously? face*

Blooper #6Edit

Raychel: Kevin, please, no! *crying*

Kevin: Just close your eyes again, Raychel. Once you've seen the light, you will know. You will see. Trust me. *walks up to Raychel; Swain is peeking through the window making faces* Pft....

Raychel: *chuckles* 

Kevin: Augh! Swain!

Marker Guy: Cut!!

Outtake #2Edit

Kevin: OK, I'm done for the day, can I have a break? *takes off glasses to rub temples*

Raychel: *snickers*

Kevin: What? What?? *has black marker on the bridge of nose; crosses eyes* Oh, very funny, Raychel.


Kevin: Has anyone seen my glasses?

Raychel: What are you talking about? *snickers*

Kevin: Wha- *looks at the window; a mustache and glasses are drawn on face* Was this during my nap?!


Kevin: OK, we're going home for the day, Raye. *puts on backpack*

Mary: Uh... Kevin?

Kevin: What? *looks at backpack; "For sale; For rent" drawn in marker* GOD **** IT, RAYCHEL!

Deleted Scene #2Edit

(Note from RayvenTheInsane: Coming soon!)

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