Ask us anything!!

Raye: Hey, guys, it's the cast of Understanding Secrets, here.

Kevin: We decided to abandon the old page for this new one.

Edward: Here you can ask us all sorts of questions. About our pasts, about now, and we can reveal the future to a certain extent.

Mary: Please, NO explict, suggestive, or rude questions. We won't answer them, AT ALL.

Johnny: Remember; You can ask ANYONE in the cast. That includes other members of the Collective, and some of the background characters.

Raye: You could even ask my consious, Tobor, if you wanted.

Kevin: You can ask our human selves, or our Collective selves.

Edward: You could even ask the character you were based off of!

Mary: "Questions are more important than the answers", keep in mind.

Johnny: Any questions to excersise our minds are more than welcome!

Slender Man: Well, what are you waiting for, foolish humans?

All: ASK US!!

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