Raychel's hands flew up to Firebrand's, trying to pry it off her mouth. She was trembling all over, and she didn't know wether to scream, or cry, or faint, or maybe all at once.

"Mm! MM!" Raye's muffled cries filled the room as she attempted to release herself from Firebrand's iron grip. Tears poured down her cheeks like rain on a windowpane.

"Stop it, Firebrand. You're scaring the poor girl," Cursor scolded.

"I'm just trying to get her to relax," protested Firebrand, who was rocking back and forth, trying to assuge her. Raye slowly calmed down, the rocking was soothing and comforting. She relaxed a little in Firebrand's hold, but she was still scared.

"There we go," Firebrand whispered, "there's nothing to be frightened of." He took his hand off Raychel's mouth and rocked back and forth some more.

"Who are you?" Raychel whispered quietly. "What do you want? Why are you here?"

"You don't need to know these things now," Sentinel replied, straightening his glasses. "You'll understand in time."

Raye looked more closely at Sentinel. She could make out some slight outlined features on his face. He looked almost like...

"K... K..." Raye stuttered, trying to find some logical explaination for this. Was she dreaming? Hallucinating? No, she had to be awake.

But still, it couldn't be.

Not Kevin.

Not her own brother.

"Raychel..." Sentinel whispered gently.

Raye refused to look up. She writhed in Firebrand's grip, sobbing quietly. She felt angry, but hurt and betrayed.

"Raychel, now I want you to wake up," Sentinel coaxed. He put his hand on Raychel's chin and nudged her head upwards. "Now." He took his glasses off, revealing pure white eyes with black pupils.

"Wait," Raye protested quietly. She found herself looking straight into Sentinel's face. His eyes bore into hers like a drill.

"Wake up," Sentinel murmered, his smile trying to show promise and comfort. He caressed her face, his hand on her chin, and his fingers stroking her cheeks lightly. His thumb brushed the tears under her eyes away. 

Raye relaxed even further, fighting the urge to close her eyes. It felt like his voice had coiled around her brain, and was slowly suffocating her senses into submission.

She stole one last look at the strangers in her room...

And then fell into complete and utter darkness.

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