Raye opened her eyes and stared blankly at her bedroom ceiling.

The first thing she noticed was that she had a splitting headache and that her body was throbbing with a dull pain that sent waves of discomfort throughout her body. She looked at her hand, and noticed it was raw and bloody.

The second thing she noticed was that her face felt raw, and sore. She looked at her wardrobe mirror, and saw that her eyes were bloodshot and the area around them was red and blotchy, as if she had been crying.

Then she remembered everything. The four figures, her capture...

The fact that she may know the figures.

"No... No..." Raye shook her head, trying to shake the thought out of her head. She knew it couldn't be true. It wasn't true. Tears rose to the brims of her eyes, and she began crying again. She didn't want anyone to hear her. She hoped no one would hear.

The fates didn't hear her pleas for mercy. She heard soft footsteps, and then she heard her door opening.

"Raychel? Sweetie, what's wrong?" Aunt Mary came rushing over to her bed. "Oh, Lord! You're bleeding! Here, let me help you." Mary reached out a hand to help her neice out of bed.

"NO! Get AWAY from me!" Raye smacked Mary's hand away and stumbled out of bed. She ran all the way to the other side of the room and pressed herself against the wall. Her eyes were wide with panic, and her breathing was intense.

Mary narrowed her eyes, half with concern and half with suspicion. "I think you've been reading Stephen King under the covers again, haven't you, Raychel?"

"I know who you are!" Raye blurted. "I remember EVERYTHING!"

Mary looked genuinely surprised. "Raychel, what are you talking about? You had a nightmare. Your hand I can't explain, but I know you just had a nightmare."

"It wasn't a nightmare! It really happened! Don't you lie to me! You remember!" Raye hollered, fresh tears streaming down her cheeks.

Mary was taken aback by this. She couldn't remember a time when Raychel was so upset. She stepped back. "Raychel, are you feeling okay?"

Kevin and Eddie ran into the room as soon heard Raye yelling. They knew she never yelled unless she was REALLY angry, or hurt, or scared.

Johnny wasn't very far behind, except he was a little more reluctant. He knew how angry Raye could get. He had more than enough memories of when he accidentally hit her in the face with a soccer ball. His cheek stung even thinking about it.

"Raye, what's the matter?" Kevin asked, his face riddled with concern.

Raye looked over at her family and glared. If looks could kill, they'd probably be on the floor, flopping like goldfish out of their bowls.

"You know EXACTLY what's the matter!" Raye accused. "You're the four figures I saw last night! I know you're behind it!"

The family stared at Raychel blankly for a minute. Then they burst out laughing. Raye was stung by this, but she knew she was right.

"Raye! You've been reading King under the covers again!" Kevin gasped through his laughter.

"Exactly!" Edward howled.

"I know it's true! Don't deny it!" Raye sobbed. He pointed at Eddie. "You- you were that guy who's name was like one of those branding irons they use on animals!"

The family's laughter died down. The room became deathly still, as if silence had taken a hold on everyone's tongues at that moment.

"Firebrand- OW!" Johnny rubbed his arm. Edward smiled as if nothing happened.

"And you!" Raye pointed at Mary. "You were that woman, with the x's over her eyes, and-and her name was Latin for messenger!"

"Cursor- OWW!" Johnny fought back tears. His foot was rocketing with a sharp pain that made him want to grab it and hop up and down like an idiot. Mary was glaring at him now, as she moved her high-heeled shoe back, letting him know silence was his only hope for redemption now.

"And you," Raye pointed at Kevin last, "your name was the name for someone who keeps watch for something. An observer!"

"Sentinel!" Johnny chimed.

"JOHNNY!" Kevin, Mary, and Edward hollered at Johnny.

"You mean Mr. Scars!" Raye cried.

Kevin looked at his sister, showing concern, grief, and regret. "Raychel, I... I had no choice." He walked over to his sister and tried to hug her.

Raye pushed him away. "Don't even think about touching me! I know what those hands did to me last night!" she sobbed. "How do I know I can trust you anymore?!"

Kevin looked at her gently. "Because I can help you achieve some clarity."

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