The Sentinel turned to glare at his little sister. She twiddled her thumbs for a bit, staring back.

"Hi," she said flatly.

"Why?" the Sentinel shrugged.

Amber sighed, and raised her cuffed hands to point at him. "He wants you to try and sway me, and I'm not listening. I've made a moral decision and I'll stand by it."

The Sentinel sighed and sat down next to her. He was silent for a bit. "Why do you resist? I myself find it pointless."

"Call it pride. Call it no common sense," Amber shrugged. "I call it my will to live."

The Sentinel pondered over this for a minute. "You have dad's attitude."

Amber tensed. "Please, don't talk about the 'Rents."

"Well, why not? It's true, isn't it?" the Sentinel cocked an eyebrow as Amber clearly looked flustered.

Amber turned away from him. "I don't like thinking of them like this. I'm not like anyone. I'm me."

The Sentinel grabbed her by the chin and turned her head back. He slowly took off his glasses, and she squirmed.

"Don't," she tried to pull back, but he wouldn't let her.

"You are you, Amber," the Sentinel said gently. "And you won't have to change that unless you want to."

"Kevin," Amber grabbed his wrist.

The Sentinel was almost upon her now, and her vision was growing dimmer.

"You need to stop," the Sentinel sighed. "I don't want to have to see him punish you. I don't want to see you in pain."

Amber was about to faint. She felt like her head was a ticking timb bomb waiting to go off.

"Stop it!" Amber suddenly grabbed his wrist tighter, then shoved him into the ground. Strangely though, she didn't feel as guilty about it as she thought she would. Especially after what had transpired.

She stood up, and the Sentinel stood with her.

"It's time."

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