In the beginning, there was darkness.

Then, a guy wearing a costume that had LED lights on it.

And so the dance began.

-From the Bible of Tron Dancing

Tron dancing is ritual in which a group of individuals dress up in LED suits and dance on completely black stages while their suits turn on and off. It's kinda freaking awesome.

Tron DancersEdit

There are two primarily worshipped Tron Dancing groups.

Wrecking OrchestraEdit

The people who were hired because Team iLuminate couldn't afford the fee of travel and then made the greatest tron dance ever

Team iLuminateEdit

The original Tron Dancers

Other Tron DancersEdit

The only other Tron Dancers anyone cares about is the Pastels


The guys who actually fit in their suits and dance epically because of it

It is rumored other tron dancers exist but nobody cares about them

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