When I was a child I always had a dream of my toys coming alive.I tried to convince people,but no one listened."Oh well,"I`d say."Their loss"As I grew older I stopped believeing this,yet I would always find my toys scattered around.I believed it was my little sister,throwing them around during night.

A week before I was leaving for college,a woke up to a loud banging.I saw with frieght a Firefighter toy holding a knife.I quickly got up and saw all of my old toys holding knifes and meat clevers.I ran out of my room to find my Chucky doll holding hedgeclippers,cutting of my sister`s Jack in a box`s head.

He approached me,and I was soon surrounded,and a puppet hit me upside the head with a baseball bat.When I woke my police man toy was standing over me with a switch blade."You were going to go,"he said."Leave us forever"Quickly I responded "I was gonna visit on holidays,but-" "Nice try,"he said,cutting me off"Do you think we`re stupid?You were gonna give us away.If we can`t have you,no one can!"The toy quickly slit my throat as I yelled.We heard footsteps,so the toys scattered,dropping the weapons around me,with the switch blade in my hand.My parents came,thinking I had did this to myself. "To-Toyyyyyy.....s"I said with my last breath,and the last thing I saw the Chucky doll slowly approach my family with the hedgecutters.

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