A Samurai walked towards a Knight. The Samurai's army roared. The Knight's army roared. The Knight looked at the Samurai. The Samurai said" For a unknown reason, Our armies met, My Samurai warriors don't understand your silver-plated warriors. The Knight looked around. The Samurai growled and said" Have you ever spoke?" The Japanese warrior led his Samurai warriors to charge. The Knight did the same.

The Samurai's army revealed their swords, staffs and spears. The Knight looked around. The Samurai's army charged. The Knights waited. A Samurai was trampled by the Knight's horse. A Samurai was impaled by the Knight's dagger. A spear was thrown and A Knight tossed it aside. A Samurai was impaled by a Military Fork. The Knight's sword beheaded seven Samurais. The Samurai revealed his spear. The Knight jumped on his horse. The Samurai and The Knight fought. The Samurai's eye was scarred by The Knight. The knights kicked the Samurai. A knight choked a Samurai. A mace was thrown by a Knight and killed a Samurai. The Samurai was taken to be rested on a cot. A dagger was thrown, and impaled a Samurai's heart. The Knight held a blowtorch and set the grass on fire. The Samurai army retreated.

Philip Rider woke up in bed. He had a vivid dream about Samurais and Knights. Philip left the bedroom and went to his bookshelf. He pulled a book, revealing a secret room. It was his room. Philip Rider knew that the battle happened centuries ago. Philip wondered " Did the battle really occur?" He opened a curtain, revealing his personal library. Knights and Samurais have never faced each other, he knew that. It could of been a future event.

Philip had a suit of a Knight. Philip had the suit in a case in the closet. It was covered in dust. Philip wiped the dust away. He noticed a small gold plaque. No. No. The plaque read: Philip Rider, A Knight who led his army against Samurai. He was 42 when this event happened. He disappeared later that year, which was 1136. Philip was 42. What year was it? He went to check.

Philip Rider woke up. He was on the cold floor. He had a dream, about himself looking at a suit of a Knight's armor, where he found interesting information. He found a journal. It was his. He opened the brown journal and the events were all dated in 1136. A entry said he was 42 and he was a Knight. Those two dreams were vision of the future.

The End

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