The Travels of Dreaer Poster

In a land not unlike ours,a young boy has lived with his abusive uncle for the last 11 years. An evil creature by the name of Nozpah has sent in hordes of Gregors to apprehend the town and kidnap a member of the Royal Family, the young boy's best friend! Despite his uncle's disapproval,the boy sets out to find the girl and defeat Nozpah before the kingdom collapses under the weight of evil! This is The Travels of Dreaer.

"Ugh...what...where am..ugh"Edit

A boy awakes in battered armor and torn clothing. "Do you need help,son" cried out a man from the crowd. The boy ignored the man and kept limping towards a dark cave like temple. "Do you need a Earht Flower?" cried a woman. The boy was persistent. "Kid,stop! You can get killed in there!" The stubborn child kept going without heeding their warnings and helpful words. This was his battle to fight. 

A regular Learnstartday.Edit

Waking up after a boring Breakendday, you wake up in a shed.

"DREAER!!!!!" called your uncle. "GET IN HERE NOW,I NEED MY BREAKFAST"

Go make breakfast

Return to sleep

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