This is the song Windrider sings when she goes Subjuggulator on her friends. To the tune of "Oogie Boogie".

The SongEdit

~musical interlude~

Subjugglator Windrider

Windrider(speaking): Well, well, well. What have we here? A carnival, ahh. Ha! Are you bucking SCARED? 'Cause I'm the clown everypony's been running from. HONK HONK HONK.

Windrider(singing): I'm not joking

Not joking.

I can't believe my eyes!

You gotta be provoking me!
Oogie boogie instrumental03:17

Oogie boogie instrumental

Here, if you can't get the tune right or have never heard the song before.

You're just BEGGING to die!

It's over. I'm sober.

And Death is close at hand.

I'll find my time and snap your mind in my adventure land.

Subjuggulator Windie says the Carnival's in town.

Are you next to play Roulette? I'm hunting ponies down.

And if you aren't chicken,

And you think that you can hide,

My horn will be the last thing that you hear before you die!

Ohh.. Ohh.. Ohh.. I'm the Subjugglator, man!

If I'm feeling ansy and there's everything to do,

I may go to the bumper cars and crash right into you!

And you know the one thing I'd bring home

To make my house look nice?

The severed heads of all my friends to add a little spice!

Ohh.. Ohh.. Ohh.. I'm the Subjugglator, man!

Blaze(speaking): Come on kid, snap out of it! You're scaring ponies shitless! The last thing we expected was to end up on your hit list!

Windie(singing): Motherbucker!

You're joking!

What else would I have done?

You know that Subjuggulators

Always tie in work with fun.

It's funny! I'm laughing!

This place is bucking great!

Windrider(speaking): And now, ladies and gentle-colts,

Prepare to be amazed!

Nightmoon: Amazed by what?

Windrider(speaking): My motherbucking carnival, brother.

~musical interlude, with laughing and honking tied into it~

Windrider(singing): Ohh,

The sounds of the screaming

And the honking in the air!

It's the Dark Carnival,

And I'm the Subjuggulating Mare!

The games here are so much fun

When I come in play.

And seeing pictures in your blood

Is the best part of the day!

Phazon(speaking): Windie, please, this isn't you! But I'll fight you if I have to!

Windrider(singing): Oh, brother!

My brother!

Won't you come and take a spin!

You all ain't comprehending

The positions that you're in!

It's funny! It's funny!

I hope you're bucking scared!

'Cause I'm the bucking Subjugglator,

And you ain't going NOWHERE!


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