Jack Carrison
The Spider

Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 17
Activities Fighting Crime
Friends Jakey Pukes
Enemies Villians
Status Alive
Location Earth

Jack Carrison is a 17 year old boy who after being bit by a mysterious spider,dons a mask and becomes The Spider.

Early LifeEdit

Sometime in 2002 while watching a Spider-Man commercial,Jack`s parents left,and later dissappeared,leaving Jack in the care of his Aunt Mary and Uncle Peter.

Internship and AccidentsEdit

Sometime in Early 2012 Jack was signed up for an Intership at Bonscorp.He was assigned to work in the spider exhibit where a machine that spliced genes stopped working during an exiperiment to splice a spiders genes with a dog.A spider who may or may not have been exposed to the gene spilicer bit Jack.Instead of the poisin killing Jack,it instead gave Jack the genes of a spider.Jack however freaked out and tripped on a rock,breaking his glasses.

The Spider RisesEdit

After being fired for his freak out he explored his powers and decided to become an equivilant to Spider-Man.After being bullied,he gave up his dream and joined a circus.After being cheated for finishing "a second too late"he let robbers who he could have easily stopped get away.His Uncle was later killed during a mugging,and Jack now sets out to find his killer.

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