October 31, 1990

The affluent Reyes family holds a Halloween party. Their young son, Steven, sits idly in the corner, restlessly waiting for something to happen. SUDDENLY, two gun men burst in. Hiding in the closet, little Steven watches helplessly as the murder everyone. Swearing vengence and to hunt down his family's killers, he trained to become the best of the best. Young Steven becameEdit

The PantherEdit

14 years later.

"So you hear about that Power fellow?"

"Yeah, they saying he some type-a superhero. What he like?"

"Just think, Superman."

"Just think DEAD if you don't do your job!"

"Sorry boss!"

Phillip Verlincio, the Explosives Man. The best and worst crime boss in Malor City. Evaded arrest from 300 law enforcement officers. Good thing I'm not law enforcement. Two guards out front. Unarmed. Protecting an arms deal in the old computer shop. Piece of cake.

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