The Otherverse is the paralel universe to the one SORE takes place in, with differences that changed the outcome.


In the beginning of SORE #4, Vectex punches Grimshot to the ceiling. In the Otherverse, this kills him. Therefore sidetracking Donovan with guilt, so he can't help Rarity. However, this is not a problem considering Rarity doesn't have the dilemma of choosing anyway, however, Rarity is sidetracked by the same digree, causing her to mess up only saving Spike, and causing Slenderman to fall into the goo, dying. Rarity feels more guilt than ever, knowing she caused not one death, but she thought she caused Grimshot's death as well. Spike on his own could not save LW, and with Vector and Logan saving Ken, he was taken, amd chucked into the vat, making Rarity feel so guilty, she ran to Vectex and strangled him right on the spot, on suprise, leading to his death as well.

Afterwords, Rarity, in her rage, takes over instead of the well fit Victor, or even possibly well fitting Ken or Ditzy, causing Rarity to not prepare for war against them by Rake and Erik, waiting to wage war upon them for staying alongside Slenderman, ironicly waiting for Slendy to get out of the picture.

This causes Ditzy and Ken to be killed, Logan to be tortured in the underworld and Victor and Rarity retreating to Earth. Rarity gets married to mob boss Johnny the Rat (by force) while Johnny's goons terrorize Victor and his town. the police ended up killing and covicting the gang, and Victor became a school music teacher. Johnny is never found...and neither is Rarity.


  • During creative development, it was known as the Bad Luck Universe, The Murderverse, and the Neitherverse.
  • Victor, suprisingly of what you'd think, likes his new job.
  • Johnny the Rat and his gang are in SORE #5, being the least indimidating villains, besides Android 127.
  • Sammy the Bomb was the only gang member covicted, because all he did was taunt her.
  • Vectex controls the SORE Space Station's Bridge, but nowher else deos he dread go.

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