Phazon was never birthed. Neither did he have any parents. He simply lived alone in the darkest parts of Equestria, where the chemical that made him thrived. But, when he was made, Death Himself decided that if he was going to make the one and only Phazon pony, he was going to use ALL of the Blue Phazon. And he did just that. It took him exactly 3 days, and it was created mostly in his image. Death treated him like a son, and he kept the Phazon pony secret from the other 3 Horses of the Apocalypse. He trained him in the arts of combat and weaponry. Eventually, his skills were matched with Death, almost.

But alas, one day, the Phazon pony had revealed itself to the other 3 Horses of the Apocalypse, and they were outraged. They wanted him dead. Decapitated. Deceased.

But, Death made a deal with the 3 horses, and they agreed.

The deal was that Phazon would be banished from those parts of Equestria for a millenia, but would be able to keep all of the skills with him, incase he would come into contact with large, agressive animals, such as Ursa Minors or Majors, Manticores, and Changlings.

Phazon, as he called himself, felt lonesome and cold in the Everfree forest. He was alone, not even the small forest animals would even seem to look at him, they were terrified. He would always sleep in a small Phazon casing he makes, which would protect him. He had came into contact with plenty of beings, but none as strong as the Dragon in the Impact Crater. This behemoth was covered in blood red spikes, It's whole entire body was double the size of typical dragons, and it breathed blue flames that made the rocks around the crater turn jet black.

He decided it was an insane idea to try and kill the dragon, so he went around it at nighttime, and discovered what looked like what he was made of...

Except it was glowing muct stronger, and it had a orange aroura. It had many small bulbs around it, and Phazon, as he was, started to absorb the object further known as Orange Phazon.


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