Some of you may not like this, but ive decided to stop writing the MLP episodes, The Legacy of Glucrose is coming soon but i would like to postpone it so i can make the storyline good and maybe even the writing, and i really want a rest from writing mlp fanfics, so i thought of a idea, i know this idea is very similer to Maskedmans, but i hope to put in as many franchises in as i can (you can request characters and franchises if you want) and i hope my storyline is a bit differant to Masked's one, but anyway, ill be working on this for now on, i might make little edits to MLP 7 but i will be editing this mostly and i hope you enjoy this story.

Main Theme (might be changed if i can find a more epic song :D)Edit

Epic Score - Creator of Worlds (2011)03:27

Epic Score - Creator of Worlds (2011)


Characters from universe to universe are mysteriously dissapearing and are being forced to do trails, they will at times have to work together, or may even betray each other. They are all being watched by a mysterious force called the Observer and if they break any rule, or they do not do as The Observer says, they will be eliminated.


Dovahkinn and Link facing off Bandits

Alien vs deadspace 3d S

Isaac encountering a alien for the first time

Batman superman

Batman and Superman fighting each other on The Observers command

Dreams in which i m dying are the best i ve had by lonefirewarrior-d4xq7rp

our heroes getting ready for The Observers next command

Master chief vs commander shepard by some bored guy-d4w58s2

Chief and Shepard duke it out

Prince vs altair vs leon by yaminokuni-d338d46

The triple threat match


Sam and Gordan meet face to back of the head

Prince and ezio vs sand monster and templars by mohanmx-d5dgbh8

Ezio and The Prince being encountered by Templar's and Sand Monsters


I am taking requests for now, so if you want any of your fav characters to be in the fic, let me know (of course they actually have to have some sort of fighting ability :P

The Observer





Isaac Clarke

Leon Kennedy






Solid Snake

Sam Fisher

Gordon Freeman

Sam Gideon

Commander Shepard

Master Chief

Marcus Fenix


John Marston

Corvo Attano (if your wondering who this character is, his the main character of a game called Dishonored)


Ryu Hayabusa


Prince of Persia (im not sure if he has a name)

Nathan Drake

Agent 47


Lara Croft

Chapter 1: The Chief and the EngineerEdit

In my time I have seen many weird things, from necromorphs to the marker I found while serving on the USG Ishimura. Yeah, I’ve had my share of crazy bullshit. But right now, I think what has just happened to me today has beaten everything on my weird experiences list. Just when I thought I would finally get a rest from my hallucinations of Nicole, I somehow get transferred to this place. It looks like one of those Coliseum’s from the Roman age where gladiators fought for everyone’s enjoyment. If that’s the case, I’m not fighting for some nut jobs entertainment. But sadly, that is exactly what’s going to happen. As I arrived here, I found some sort of collar on me and a ear piece, And I have seen enough horror movies to see where this is going. At the moment nothing was happening, I was all by myself, no one has said a word to me on my ear piece, and I could not see as far as the eye could see. There was only one window in the room i was in, it was still pretty dark though, and for some reason my flashlight would not work. Glady though, if I am going to fight to the death, I still have my armour, so I guess that’s a good thing, but at the moment I'm just trying to figure out what the fuck is going on.

Suddenly Isaac hears a voice, a mix between male and female. "Ahh, I see you've awakened" says the voice. Isaac ready's his pistol for combat. "Whose there? Show yourself!". "Ah, I forgot, I haven’t introduced myself properly, my most sincere apologies. my name is The Observer". "The what?" says Isaac confused. "I have been watching you Isaac, and many other heroes like you, for a very long time". Who the hell is this? What is he or she talking about?. "So...why have you brought me here?" asks Isaac. "Why have I brought you here?". The Observer chuckles. "Simply because i was bored Isaac". "Bored?". says Isaac. "I don’t think you know how long I've been here Isaac, i have been here since the start of mankind, since Adam and Eve was in the garden of Eden. I have just been watching humanity, seeing science evolve, watching factions fall and rise." "So why bring me here?" asks Isaac sitting on the bed in his chamber. "I wanted to see if you live up to your name". "But im just a engineer, why me, why not anyone else?". "Do you really think your the only one i brought here?". "You mean im not the only one?" says Isaac adjusting his ear piece. "Of course, do you really think you would be enough to satisfy me?".

I didnt like how The Observer was talking about me like I was his slave, which by the looks of it, I am now.

"Anyway, enough chatter, I want to test your abilities" says The Observer. After that a gate was opened for Isaac. "You shall be fighting a old friend, I'm sure you have heard of the Necromorphs". Oh great, like I need to see any of those guys. Isaac sighs, "Is there anyone else I need to meet?" says Isaac. "Actually yes, you will meet him outside". Oh goodie, now I can die with someone by my side.

Isaac goes through the gate. It was very dusty and it was hard to run around with the sand and all. Suddenly Isaac sees a figure, it wasn't a Necromorph, it looked human. "Who’s there?!" Shouts Isaac aiming his gun (right click and click on "open link in new tab")

The figure goes to Isaac. "Answer me!". The figure finally speaks. "If you think I'm one of those monsters, no, I'm human". Isaac puts away his pistol. "Alright then, good enough for me, by the way who are you?". Isaac asks the figure. The figure is finally reviled to be a green armoured man with some sort of a energy sword and assault rifle. "The names Chief, Master Chief". "Isaac Clarke, nice to meet you". Isaac puts his hand out for a handshake. "I’m sorry but I'm not giving anyone a handshake until you tell me what’s going on". says Chief rejecting the shake. "I was about to ask you the same thing" says Isaac. Suddenly Chief and Isaac hear a scream, making Isaac and Chief ready there weapons. "I’m guessing you know how to fight" says Chief to Isaac. "I might be just a engineer but I've been through enough crap to call myself a soldier". Isaac replies. "Good enough for me" says Chief.

Suddenly four Necromorphs come out of no where. Isaac shoots the Necromorph right in front of him multiple times, while Chief brings out his energy sword and stabs one of the Necromorph right in the chest, and then he brings the sword up, slicing it right open. Isaac shoots the limbs off one of the other Necromorphs, afterwards he stomps on its head with full force, not realizing a Necromorph right behind him. But luckily Chief was there to watch his back, and he decapitates its head with the sword.

"Than-". "Spare the thanks, I just want to know what the hell those things are". says Chief interrupting Isaac. Isaac puts away his pistol. "They are Necromorphs" says Isaac. "What the hell are Necromorphs?" says Chief. "Necromorphs are the reanimated corpses of the dead, reshaped into new forms by a infection. The resulting creatures are extremely aggressive, and will attack any uninfected organism on sight". replies Isaac. "There tough sons of bitches too". says Chief putting away his energy sword. "Ahh, I see you two have gotten to know each other" says The Observer over the ear piece's of Isaac and Chief. "OK, we've killed the Necromorphs, what now?". says Isaac to The Observer. "What I think you should do now is get some rest, if you keep walking straight you will eventually get to a fallout bunker. Now if you will excuse me, I need to prepare a few things". says the Observer. "Looks like we best get going, who knows how many more Necromorphs are out there". says Isaac. Suddenly Chief grabs Isaac. "If we're going to be travelling together lets make one thing clear, if you try and shoot me in the back, ill assure you, your next dinner will be your balls" Says Chief in a demanding tone. Chief lets go of Isaac and walks on. "Charming" says Isaac following Chief.

Chapter 2: The Bunker and The WomanEdit

Might come out tomorrow

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