May 26th, 2012. 3 AM

Joel and Patrick pull up at a police station along an empty road.

Joel: Why are we stopping?

Patrick: I have an old friend who agreed to meet me here. The "things" haven't gotten this far yet.

Patrick grabs a rifle, tosses Joel a handgun.

Patrick: *Opens door* Let's go.

The two walk into the police station. Two officers raise their weapons and demands they drop their arms. Patrick looks to see a grey haired man being handcuffed behind them.

Joel: Wait, haven't you heard?

An African-american officer proceeds to handcuff them.

Officer: Bout what?

Joel: What happened in Miami? The attacks? The creatures?

Officer: Boy, the communications have been down for hours. We haven't heard anything in hours. Go take these looneys to the holding cells until we sort this out.

Another, white officer with a goatee locks them in a holding cell with the grey haired man.

Man: What we do now Patrick?

Patrick: Wait for them to get some sense. Don't worry, James.

Three officers check Patrick's van and start clearing out weapons when they spot a horde of limping silhouettes.

Officer 3: Hey! Are you guys alright?

Joel: We can't just wait around and-

Joel is interrupted by several screams, followed by several gunshots and more screams. The bearded officer runs down.

Officer 2: *Opens all of the cells and grabs Patrick, Joel and James* You know how to kill these things?

Patrick: Yeah.

Officer 2: Good, run!

The four run out to the back of the police station and sneak back to the parking lot. Joel and Patrick hop in the ransacked Black van, James hops in his trailer and Officer 1 and 2 hop in a police car.

Officer 1: Where to?

Patrick: Safety. James here knows a fort we can go to.

Joel: Is the fort safe?

Patrick: For now, but supplies are limited. This is just the beginning.

Patrick and James drive off as the police officers tail them.

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