May 26th, 2012. Around 8:55 PM

Joel: *Looks at dashboard to see fuel gauge at empty* No worries, I should still have a few minutes before I completely run out of fuel.

The tractor's engine stalls and dies

Joel: Ugh, not now!

Zombies start to notice Joel and start walking towards him.

Joel: *Hops off tractor and shoots two zombies with the shotgun before it runs out of ammo* *Throws gun* I guess Jackie forgot to load that, too.

Joel runs into the forest and is tripped by a zombie on the ground.

Joel:  AH!

The zombie suddenly collapses after being shot in the head by a sniper.

Unknown Man: *In a thick Irish accent* Over 'ere, lad!

Joel gets up and runs in the direction of the voice as the sniper covers him.

Joel runs until he see a tower with an bearded Irishman with red hair wielding a sniper rifle.

Man: *Tugs rope tied to his foot to lift a wooden barricade off of it's brackets* *Door swings open* Get in, lad!

Joel runs in, closes the door. and climbs the ladder to the top of the tower.

Joel, exhausted, sits down and looks at the man. He was sitting, with a sniper rifle, next to two boxes of ammo and a sleeping bag.

Irishman: Hello there. *Shoots zombie* I'm Patrick. *Sticks out his hand*

Joel: *Grabs and shakes his hand* Joel. How did you build this tower so fast?

Patrick: Simple, I didn't. *Shoots zombie* I saw this whole mess coming months ago.

Joel: How di- *Joel is interrupted by a loud roar*

Patrick: Oh no.. I thought I had more time...

Joel: Huh? What the he-

Patrick: No time! *Hangs rifle on his back* JUMP, LAD! *Runs and jumps off the tower*

Joel: *Hears roar again* Augh. *Runs and jumps off the tower, hurting his leg*

Patrick: *Runs into a black van full of gum ammo* Get in. NOW!

Joel runs to the passenger side and hops in.

Patrick drives into the tower, causing it to fall down, and drives away.

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