May 26th, 2012, 2:20 PM EST, Miami, Florida. Route 113.

Man in car: C'mon! *honks horn* What's the hold up!

Man in the car: *To himself* boss is gonna kill me. Of course out of all the days Joel Peterson could have been stuck in a traffic jam, God picks my first day on the job.


  • Joel looks to the next car to see a woman being murdered by a cannibalistic psycho*

Joel: *Holds back vomiting, and grabs his cellphone*

  • Joel dials the first two numbers of 9-1-1 but is startled by a bloody man hitting the window, and drops his phone under the gas pedal*

Joel: Ahh!

  • The man keeps hitting until he breaks through the window*

Joel: GET...A...WAY! *Joel punches the man in the face and he stumbles to the ground*

  • Joel unclips his seat belt and lies horizontally across the front seats as the man crawls through the window*

Joel: Argh!!! *Joel picks up a shard of broken glass and repeatedly smashes it into the side of the mans head, seemingly killing him*

Joel: *Frantically opens the passenger side door and falls out, crawling away from the car with a devastated look on his face*

Joel: I-I killed a person. O-oh god. *Joel turns to his right to see a horde of blood-covered moaning people*

Joel: THEY'RE FRICKEN ZOMBIES! *Frantically stands up, and runs away frightened*

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