Grimshot awoke in a dark corridor. He didn't remember how he got there, but he did remember his planet, GTF, falling apart, and rubble knocking him unconscious. He walked down the corridor to a turn, where he saw light at the end. He walked into the lighted room, where he found his best friend Phazon, sitting there, quietly contemplating the loss of almost an entire planet's population, aside from the few he saved. Grimshot questioned Phazon on where they were, and they turned out to be on the Phazon, the ship Phazon used to collect intergalactic minerals. The planets he collected minerals from were also destroyed in the blast that destroyed GTF. Grimshot questioned if they were the last ones left. Phazon revealed that aside from Blue Sore and Masked Man, who he also saved that were currently in different rooms, that he was correct. This hit Grimshot hard, and deep. He thought of every person he met, everyone he saw, everyone he heard of. Gone. There were people he couldn't imagine that he'd never get the chance to see. All of the sudden, Masked Man burst into the room with even more bad news. Blue couldn't handle the pressure applied on the other three, and had hurled himself into space.

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