One gloomy night, Applebloom finds a uncouncious Changeling - bruised and battered in the Cuite Mark Crusader clubhouse, with no clue of where he is or who he is. Now with the help of Applebloom, this Changeling has to face his troubles and somehow get his memory back, while hiding from a world who has not yet forgiven his race.


This one is vastly different to my other fics, for one thing it's a tragedy so don't expect a happy ending, also unlike Fan Series it's pretty sad at times, also I guess you can call it a Slice of Life fic as well. This takes place after the S2 finale, where the Queen and her army are blown away from the castle. Other than that I hope you enjoy this fic I came up with on Fimfiction.

Chapter 1 - Blank...Edit

I layed there, staring up into the clear moonlit sky, in excruciating pain.
I do not know how I got here, who or what was the cause of this, but if I don't find a way out of this place, I'm sure to not see the light of day.
I took deep breaths, as I slowly got up from the grassy surface below me. When I finally got up I found the source of the pain, it was my wing, even though it was pitch black it was clear enough for me to see that my wing was broken.
One of my hind legs was in critical condition as well, so I had to limp my way out of this god forsaken forest. I started my journey out of the forest, which would seem like it would take forever in my state.
As I kept on limping on and on through what seems like a maze, my eyes started to get droopy, I felt like I could collapse onto the floor any second now. I leaned onto a tree to catch my breath, I was incredibly hungry and dehydrated.
As I looked around, I saw a duck and her ducklings in a formation walking past me. Maybe if I followed them they might lead me to a river of some sort, and maybe some fish.
Hopefully I am right, but what other choice do I have? I take a few more seconds to recupperate myself, and I finally follow the ducks.
My body gets heavier and heavier with each step I take, I just want the pain to stop, I just want to be somewhere safe, I just want to be back home, wherever that is.
I walked slower and slower, I felt like the gravity of the earth was pulling me down to the ground. I finally closed my eyes, and fell down to the ground...
I suddenly awoke with my head dunked into the river. I got up immediately, gasping for air. As I got my head out of the water in shock, I forgot about my leg and stand on it, yelling in pain.
I fall down to the ground and hold my bad hind leg in pain. I thought to myself at least I remembered not to roll over onto my back and wings, my hind leg was still hurting like hell though.
I lay down onto my stomach and rest. I look to my right to see the mother duck and her ducklings getting into the river to swim. But there was one duckling that was too afraid to go into the water, he touched the water with his flipper but then took it out straight away in fright.
Weird, I had no idea why but I felt like I had some sort of connection to this duckling. I felt like in my life I had a moment similar to the ducklings, a moment of weakness and fear. In a way, I felt sorry for the little duckling, it's never a good thing to feel left out and alone.
I look away from the duckling and started thinking about getting food. I looked across the river, I saw quite a couple of fish swimming about in the river. I knew this was going to be hard, I can't swim in this condition, so I have to rely on pure luck.
I stare at the river, and waited...
...and waited.
...and waited.
...and waited.
But no fish came, my luck is really running out, if there was any to begin with. It then started to rain, I let out a sigh of annoyance. I try to stand up awkwardly with my two hooves, I only just managed to get onto my feet.
I guess there's no point waiting for the fish to come anymore, I better find a place to sleep with some shelter from the rain. I set off again in search of a half decent spot to sleep in.
My search came to a halt when I went through some bushes, but didn't see the steep hill. I rolled down the hill, getting scratched down on the way by the rocks.
Yep, I have no luck what so ever. Or so I might've of thought? I looked up from the ground and saw a club house of some sort. I wasn't sure who made it but it was good enough for me to sleep in.
I dragged myself over to the clubhouse, I groaned when I saw I had to go up some stairs, but a few stairs aren't going to stop me now.
Each step was painful, energy draining, and I nearly slipped a few times, in a few minutes I finally got up to the clubhouse. I was so glad to finally get up to the front door, but then I just realised...
How the hay am I going to get in?
The windows are too far away to break, I can't fly to them with one wing, I would go spiraling. Looks like theres only one way to do this, I'll have to buck the door down, but how am I going to do that?
I then reconsider my choice, and try and break the lock instead of the whole door. I turnt my back to the door and raised my good hind leg.
I soon started to tremble, my bad hind leg can't hold the weight of my body for too long.
The lock was still very much intact, I decided to put some more force into it.
I nearly fell to the floor after that kick, but the lock looked like it started to loosen. I put in as much energy and force as I could into the last kick.
The door was open, and immeaditly I fell to the ground. I held my hind leg, the pain was unbearable, I just wanted it to stop. I struggled to get up after that, I grabbed a hold of the door knob and pulled myself up.
When I came into the clubhouse it was like a hurricane came in and trashed the whole place. There was planning sheets everywhere, circus equipment, musical instruments and even some skiing equipment.
I closed the door behind me, and limped into the clubhouse, looking for some sort of cover and bed. The closet thing I found to a bed was a dog basket with some training equipment next to it.
I moved the dog equipment with my hoof and slumped into the dog basket, can't say it's luxary but it's the best I got. I stare up into the ceiling, my breathing gradually getting better over time and the pain softens a bit.
This is horrible, I don't even know how I got here, who I am nothing. What's worse is I don't even know if my race still exists, or if I have any relatives or freinds I can go to, I'm alone, alone in a world where anything can happen.
I stare at my battered arm. The blood from my deep scratches drips from my hoof, staining my cover. How did I get myself in such deep crap? Look at me, I look like I just came out of a street fight.
I was sick of thinking, I just wanted to sleep now, to leave this all to rest untill the morning, and hopefully nothing bad will happen.

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