Years ago, in a world and other stuff, Slenderman and these Necromorph things went and enslaved the human race and crap, then this random little alien thing named Geoff came and set fire to Slenderman...

Wait a minute, what kind of fanfic is this? Oh well, better find the person that wrote this and ask him what to say.


This needs some work.

~Roger Ebert


~The Critic

Has potential, but wastes all of it.

~Nostalgia Critic

This sucks.

~Ben The Looney

This is a copy of an old story that was burnt in a fire until somebody recovered it and then published something that should've been buried forever and now you're going to have to read like 6 chapters of this piece of crap.

Look at other fics for a much better experience.

1. In Which Geoff Kills Slenderman And Other Stuff HappensEdit

As Geoff killed Slenderman with fire and also knocked him over because he's a Mary Sue and then everyone congratulated him. 

Anyway, he read a newspaper that said "The Guy From Heck Is Returning". "OH HELLCRAP" he said, and he decided to make a team.

He found this guy named Lewis who was this frog thing that did stuff and he teamed up with him. 

It turned out the newspaper was a tabloid. But that didn't stop our heroes from annoying the crap out of our reader who isn't liking this, but then the guy from heck came and returned.

And they didn't care so they just went home.

Will The Guy From Heck be defeated? When will the Necromorphs show up? Will this fic get any better? Will I go on a 3 month hiatus and never finish this fic, as always?


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