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the appearance of the Razoid


Since the beginning of the Universe there has been Sentient Machines named the Guardian’s, who supposedly protected certain parts of the Galaxy, no one knows why they are there or how they came to be, but people have said they have always felt safe with these Guardians around the galaxy. In the old transcripts it says that the machines are not activated, but will be when the time is right. Each Guardian has a name....the first Guardian to be found was named The Guardian of Peace, the Second one to be found was called the Guardian of Wisdom, The third Guardian was named The Guardian of Balance, and Even though the 4th Guardian has known to be out there, there has been no trace of its whereabouts.

Some people like The Space Marines, think the guardians can be used for other purposes. The Marines believe that someone or something plans to use the guardians for complete and utter power...Each Guardian is protected by a Marine Star ship so that anyone who tries this idea, will either be stunned by the Ships stun ray and captured, or be completely obliterated by the main guns. But now, the single biggest crime act in history will commence, and no one shall expect it.

The Man in charge of this Defending the Guardian of Peace is Captain John A Gillis of the SS Explorer, many of Captain Gillis’s men think that there is no chance of anyone controlling the Guardians, but Gillis has never been in doubt about there being a plan to capture one of the Guardians, and he will never rest until this happens.

The Starboard area is full of people working on their own job, some people are Navigating, some people are checking if the engines are intact and some people are in charge of the Main Guns, a man comes into the Starboard area, a private of the name Luke Walsh. Luke walks straight and fast down the Star Board to Captain Gillis.

‘What’s your Report Private?’ Captain Gillis says sternly.

‘The Engines and the Targeting system is intact sir’ The Private says, standing tall.

‘Good work Private’ said Captain Gillis.

‘Thank you sir’ The Private says trying not to look happy.

‘Permission to speak freely sir?’

‘Yes private?’ said Captain Gillis looking at Luke.

‘Do you think anyone will ever try to capture The Guardians? Or even destroy them?’ says The Private quite concernedly.

‘Even if your fellow Marines says that no one will try it – they will try it, I guarantee that’.

‘Yes sir...’

‘Now get back to your post’ says Captain Gillis in a commanding way.

‘Yes sir!’ says Private Luke while saluting.

1 hour later Luke is talking with one of his friends Mark in the main reactor.

‘So, do you believe someone will actually try to take over the Guardians?’ says Luke in a concerning way.

‘Nah, if they wanted to take over the ship, they would have to get past us first, and this ship is one of the greatest in the fleet’ says Mark quite confidently.

‘Yeah, I guess your right’.

Then the two privates hear a loud clutter, Luke then gets out his assault rifle.

‘Hey, don’t worry, it was just the reactor’ says Mark trying to calm down Luke at the same time.

‘I don’t think that was the reactor’ says Luke with the Assault rifle still in the palm of his hands.

‘I’m goanna go check it out’ said Luke still aiming his gun.

‘Suit yourself’ said Mark leaning on the wall beside the reactor.

Luke hears the buzzing of the reactor fill the whole room as he walks down the path to one of the armouries, Luke remembering his training back on earth, checks all his sides and from time to time looks back for anyone sneaking behind.

Luke then stops...Luke with his heart beating like a maize bag continues on, when suddenly the lights go out. Soon after the emergency light turns on, it reveals a man behind him with his pistol aimed at his head.


Mark reacts quickly and gets his pistol out. Mark dead frozen, not knowing what’s going on searches for Luke.

‘ alright?’ says Mark in a worried tone

Mark, in the corner of his right eye, spots a shadow moving in between the crates; Mark aims his gun suddenly at where the shadow was at while still moving in the direction he was in.

‘Show yourself!’ says Mark in a worried yet brave tone.

Then Mark realises he stepped on something. It was Luke’s corpse, with blood pouring out of his head.


Mark drops his pistol then kneels down to look at his friend’s corpse.

‘Damn! If only i went with you!’ says Mark in a angry tone

Then it shows the man who killed Luke appear from the crates, Mark sees him and tries to pick up his pistol, but not in time for him to snap his neck. Mark then falls on his friend lifeless.

After the gun shot and the lights going out, Captain Gillis sends out a squad to investigate the Reactor room. The squad Gillis sent, takes an elevator all the way down the Main Reactor Room and investigates. When the squad gets there, the leader sends two marines to check if the close is clear, one of the marines makes a hand gesture that means the close is clear and more of the squad moves out of the elevator. The leader of the group speaks through his transmitter.

‘Nothing sighted yet sir’.

‘Find out what’s the commotion all about, I want these people found and captured then interrogated, understand!?’ said Captain Gillis in a stern tone.

‘Yes sir...’ says the leader quietly.

As the Squad moves out, there is more clutter and bashing in the room, 15 minutes passed and one of the Marines finds the dead bodies of The Privates. The Leader speaks to Gillis once again.

‘Sir, we have identified two dead bodies, going on high alert’

‘Damn it to hell...find them!’

Just as the Leader is talking to Captain Gillis, 8 men in Black suits drop down from the bridge with assault rifles, one of the marines realize that they got ambushed.

‘GET DOWN!!!’ shouts the marine

The 8 men in the black suits shoot and kill 3 of the marines, while the rest get in cover.

‘Under heavy fire! We need back up I repeat we need back up!’ shouts the leader into the transmitter

‘Sound the alarm! We have intruders!’ Shouts Captain Gillis to one of the crew mates in the starboard room.

Suddenly the Alarm blares throughout the whole of the station.

Marines from every quarters run down halls to armouries to get there equipment ready, One of the marines gets out of cover to shoot, but shot in the head by one of the Unknown men in the suits.

One of the other men throws something, which appears to be a grenade shocking the marines and paralyzing them. Then the Unknown men kill off every single one of the marines, except for the Leader of the squad.

One of the men in the black suits walks over to the Leader and picks up by the collar

‘How do we shut down the shields’ says the Man in Black


But before the leader could finish his sentence the man shoots him in the head, blood splattering over the floor.

‘Spread out and find the main source of the shields’ shouts the man to his squad.

The man turns on his transmitter and speaks.

‘Sir, the infiltration was a success’

‘Good, now find the source of the shields so we can blow it to oblivion...’ says the man without hesitation

‘Yes sir’

The man in the suit then speaks to another portion of his squad

‘Find the escape pods so we can get the hell out of here’ says the man to his squad

Then the man’s transmitter beeps twice, the man answer with his arm raised to his mouth

‘Sir, we have found the source of the shields, should we disable it now?’ says the man over the transmitter

‘Not yet, we need to find the escape pods first’ says the leader

The leader’s transmitter beeps again

‘Wait a sec; I have a call coming from...him’

The leader clicks on his transmitter

‘What is taking you so long!?’ shouts the unknown voice over the transmitter

‘We have found the source of the shields, but we are having trouble finding the escape pods’ says the leader

‘Disable the shields now...’ the unknown voice says

‘But sir-‘

‘Disable them now!’ said the unknown voice interrupting the leader

‘....yes...yes sir...’ says the leader quietly

The leader clicks on his transmitter again

‘Disable the shields’ says the leader

The squads engineer comes into the source room of the shield and uses a decriptor, after a few minutes the shields are down

‘Captain, the shields have been disabled we have to evacuate!’ shouts one of the men checking on the main system

‘Damn!’ says Captain Gillis while smashing his hand on the table

‘...Evacuate the whole station, we have failed our operation’ says Captain Gillis quietly

‘Yes sir’ nods the man

As the alarm for evacuating starts every man and woman on the station, left and right, corridor by corridor is running, to get to the escape pods before they are blown to bits. Then out of nowhere a huge ship appears, the ship is as nearly as a guardian, and the main guns are as powerful as a boxer’s right hook.

‘Mother of god...’ says the Captain in awe

‘FIRE!’ shouts the unknown figure

The main guns of the other ship go blazing out, as bright as the sun, as beautiful as the planet called Apple of Eden. When the Laser blast from the other ship hits the SS Explorer, quarter of the ship gets destroyed

‘Sir! We have to go now!’ shouts one of the men

Captain Gillis nods and runs with everyone else on the ship just as the enemies ship is getting ready for another attack

‘FIRE AGAIN!’ shouts the unknown figure again

The ships Main Laser gun shoots out yet again, piercing the ship with complete and utter power, the suddenly a part of the roof of the starboard room drops one of captain Gillis’s legs.

‘Captain!’ shouts one of the crew members

‘Go without me! Ill just be glad to go down with the ship...’ shouts Captain Gillis in pain

‘’s been a pleasure to work with you sir’ says the man while saluting

The Captain nods to the crew member, the crew member then runs to the escape pods, leaving Captain Gillis in unbelievable pain, trying to breathe with all the fire around him, the opposing ship then fires another blast of heat, completely destroying the SS Explorer, with Captain Gillis inside.

‘Hahahahaha.....HAHAHAHAHA.....HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!’ laughs the unknown figure manically

Shows a woman, non human walking to the unknown figure on the chair

‘We have done it dear...we have come one step closer to controlling the whole of the galaxy’ says the woman while grinning

‘Yes we have, now... off to the guardian of peace’ says the unknown man

‘How do you know that we can control it?’ says the woman

‘Don’t worry dear...I have my ways...’ says the man devilishly tone.

Chapter 1Edit

Now with the Guardian of Peace missing, people are going mad, wondering if it was destroyed with the SS Explorer, or even worse, being controlled by a criminal mastermind....council’s around the galaxy was trying to decided how to deal with the matter, each of the council leaders of each planet was gathering on one planet, the planet of Ignia, the home planet of the Ragozods. It was hard for council members to decided, because some of the races had a bad past, for instance, the Razoids and Vashkas had a huge political war for who should have the planet Herbine, in the end the Razoids overwhelmed the Vashkas and nearly made them extinct. The Vashka leader says

‘I won’t negotiate with Razoid scum!’ shouts the Vashka leader while pointing at the Razoid leader

‘We needed another home! Our planet was getting over populated!’ complains the Razoid.

‘Enough! That was 100s of years ago, and this is now!’ shouts the Ragozod leader.

The Razoid and Vashka leader sits down.

‘Now...I have sent some sentries to salvage some parts of the SS Explorer to see if we could find any footage from the security cameras, and this is what we found’

The Ragozod leader nods to his assistant to put on the video footage, the footage shows men appearing out of nowhere into the ship.

‘How is that possible!? The SS Explorer has the newest and upgraded sensing technology, there could be no way they could get on the ship without setting the alarms off!’ says the Gorkainian who’s home planet is Lethiania

‘Wait a minute....zoom in times 3’ says the Razoid leader

The assistant of the Ragozod clicks one single button on her computer, and its zooms in, showing one of the men.

‘Enhance video’ says The Razoid looking worried

The woman clicks another button to make the video clearer

‘That’s....that’s Razonian made stealth armour...there not supposed to be in the market yet.’ says the Razoid leader very confused.

‘And how do you know this? Are you working with them!?’ shouts the Vashka

‘I would do no such thing!’ says the Razoid disgusted.

‘Enough!’ shouts the Ragozod.

The council room goes silent, with council leaders talking with their assistants

‘Hey, what about the human, he hasn’t spoken yet’ says the Female Deerdre from the planet Thesai

All the alien council leaders look at the human. The human closing his eyes, folding his arms thinks.

‘Well?...’ says the Gorkainian leader

There is a moment of silence in the room. Then the human finally opens his eyes

‘I say that we all should be in charge of this mystery’ says the human council leader

‘Excuse me?’ says the Vashka

‘I will request a ship from the Marine fleet, and choose a squad, from each alien species.’ Says the human

‘What makes you think you will get the job done; your species’ are killing away your planet earth day by day, and next you will move to the Apple of Eden, and you will probably destroy that planet too Says the Ragozod

‘The humans have been foolish in these past cycles, but if you give us this operation, it could be a chance for us to change your point of view about us humans, redeem ourselfs’ says the leader

‘What the human says is right and this could be a chance for the humans to redeem themselves’ says the Deedre

The room goes silent again

‘But where would we start?’ says Gorkainian

‘Who has been making this stealth armour?’ says the human councillor to the Razoid leader.

‘A company called G.M.N, there the most successful Marketing company at the moment’ says the Razoid

‘It’s settled then, each council member shall choose a soldier from there species to be in the squad, and the first destination shall be Herbine, council dismissed’ says the Ragozod to all the leaders.

The Ragozod goes to the human, and walks with him outside to his ship

'Are you sure this will work human?' says the Ragozod quite concerned

'At the moment we just have to rely on luck...' says the human smiling

leaving the Ragozod a bit dazzled by this sentance, the human goes on his ship, to the Planet called The Apple of Eden, the planet beleived to be as beautiful as The Garden of Eden.

The humans colonized The Apple of Eden in 3679, the humans have used this place for vacations, honeymoons and theres even a muesem of the historys of humans, saying how Luis armstrong was the first to go to the moon

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