In 1502,Jason Buckley,now 70,tells his grandchildren a story,after feasting,Jason tells them the beginning of the saga.

  • 1502*

Old Jason:Your mothee sure can cook.

Grandchild:Dad cooked this.

OJ:(lol,OJ)Oh,my son in law should work out.Anyhow,back to the story,but first a prequel.

  • 1451,December,Jason is then 19,soon to be 20 in January*

Jaaon:Off to the knight school,mother and father.I shall return on the celebration of Christ's Birth.(Christmas)

  • Riding off on his trusty horse,he spots a young woman.He crashes into a tree*

The woman:*giggles*


The woman:Hi,need help up?

Jason:I'm alright,How are you?

The woman:Good,kind sir.I'm Marian Jubly.My friends and family call me Mary

Jason:*Extends hand*Jason Buckly.Nice to meet you Mary.

Mary:*Shakes hand*With pleasure,Mr.Buckly.

Jason:Oh,have I offended thw,Ms.Jubly?

Mary:Heavens no,It's a stupid last name anyway.

Jason:I agree,it is idiotic

Mary:*blank stare*


Mary:It's fine,Buckly is stupid also,he he.

Jason:Well,I'm heading to knight school.

Mary:Do you go to regular school as well?


Mary:All righty then,I'll see you in school,Jason.

Jason:*With an "in love "face* Yeah...see you there.

  • On Cybertron*

(I'm lazy so I'll finish this later)