One day,in 1452,there was a Man named Jason Buckly.He,a robot Alein known as Prime,and a young woman followed with him.

Jason:I can't believe it...we are finally gonna make it.

Prime:Yes,human,it is beyond compreation.We've gone so far.

The Woman:Yeah...

Jason:*smiling as if he was in love.*Yeah....thanks...for're the best friend I have ever had,Mary.

Mary:*smiles back,the feeling is apparently mutual.*You really think that?


  • A giant robot Appears*


Giant Robot:Yes,It is I,Omegatron!

Prime:OMEGATRON! I thought we lost you at Cybertron!

Omegatron:Then you are sadly mistaken!

Jason:I have the sword,Omegatron!Step any closer and I'll-

Omegatron:You'll what?You don't have the guts to use that!

Prime:You're right,he doesn't,BUT I DO!*stabs Omegatron*

Omegatron:Ha Ha Ha!You really thought I just carried it around,the real sword is in a undisclosed position,and you'll never find it!*teleports away*

Mary:We have to get that sword.

Jason:Prime,any idea where he went?

Prime:His molicule trail leads to Cybertron...guess we're going back.

Mary:I still have my rocket,Prime fixed it,wanna ride?

Jason:I love you even more.

Mary:Me too.

Prime:I do not get the human concept of love.

Jason:*in a shocked matter*Love?!?Who said anything about love?

Prime:You...just did

Jason:*Whispering*Play along

Mary:*clearly dissapointed*Oh.I thought you said love.Oh well....anyhow,How bout that rocket ride?

  • 1502*

Old Jason:That was the beginning of the end of our first rightous journey.

Grandchild:Granddad,you haven't told us if this was real yet.

Old Jason:In time,child.But first,we must feast.Then,I shall tell the beginning of this tale.

And as the children and family ate,the question remained unanswered,was the tale true,or a strange fabel.

"With time,all questions you may wear shall dissapear"