Good Girl - Dasha and The Living Tombstone04:05

Good Girl - Dasha and The Living Tombstone

This song is what inspired me to write this fic.


This is a fic about Screw Loose and Screwball, the two freaks of Ponyville. Screw Loose and Screwball both feel very alone at first, but then they meet and learn that they are not alone, and they have a great friendship :D

Chapter 1Edit

I yawn as I stare at the plain, white walls of my room. It was so small, and plain. It didn’t feel like it belonged to me, it was just too plain. I whine and scratch at the small window, my only way to look upon the outside world. If it had not been for that window, all I would know, all I would see everyday was the white, blank appearance of my room.

Suddenly, a noise comes from the door. A pale grey unicorn wearing a white, clean, crisp coat steps in. In front of him, he pushes a small rolling table. Atop the table is a little tray, with pills on it. Besides the plate of pills is a dish of water. It’s that time again. Whining a little, I jump onto my small padded bed and pant a little. He sets the dish of water and the plate of pills in front of me. Sniffing at them, I scowl a bit and look up at him and enlarge my eyes. He pays no mind and reaches into the pocket of his coat. I tilt my head, wondering what it is he was doing.

He pulls a bone out of his pocket. I jump up and run to him, as he floats the bone just above my nose. I sniff and bite for it, but he shakes his head and points at the pills. I lower my head and slowly eat the disgusting things. They taste like garbage, and not the good kind either. Lapping up as much water as I can to wash away the taste, he throws the bone to me, and I excitedly chase the bone and gnaw on it, its delicious flavor helping me to forget the disgusting pills I had just eaten. This was how my days usually went.

It all began when I was just a filly. I know who I am, and no one will change that. No matter how much people want to laugh, point, or recoil in disgust, I won’t change who I am. My fellow classmates would tease me. Their snide, rude remarks hurt me so much

The freak of ponyville by jammaren-d4qvc8s

. I acted like they didn’t, but in truth, they did. I always knew who I was, who and what I was always meant to be. Still, no one ever believed me. Soon enough, they all thought I was mad, crazy, insane and decided to call... Them. They came, took me from my home, dragged me away as I yelped and fought with all my strength, anything I could do to get back to my home. Their crisp, white coats had always haunted me, white, just like ghosts. They gave me a new home, they give me pills, and bones. As long as I do what they say, they treat me nice. Nice enough, anyhow. Nonetheless, I still feel lonely, even when they’re here.

I never felt secure in my body, I felt like I was meant to be other than the thing I was born as. I knew I was a dog. I knew that was who I was, and I would change for no one. Of course, I’ve tried to escape a fair number of times, gotten very close to succeeding some of the time. I like to try and keep myself sane by calling them my ‘friends’ but I know they aren’t. Especially when they chase me.... they give a completely different aura. I always end up home with my tail between my legs. That’s how it’s been for nearly five years. Or has it been three? Six? I’ve lost track.

Chapter 2Edit

I honestly believed I’d never leave the place, that this was my new permanent home. And, I gave up hope. I gave up hope on ever leaving, I gave up on hope of ever being accepted. That was, until she came. It started out like any other day, the disgusting pills, the bribery, the plain, white walls of my room. However, somehow by instinct, as if I was being propelled to do it, I awoke from my slumber, deep in the night and ran to the window. Still half asleep, I stare out the window. What I saw made me jump back in surprise. It was a pony! She was floating right in front my window, and I was shocked! That definitely woke me up, and I examined her as she floated there. She was not a pegasus nor a unicorn. She was simply floating there, playing with her lips as if she was mentally challenged.

More closely examining her, I notice she has a hat with the little spinning thingy on the top of it, and her eyes are purple but seem to be in a swirl. I wonder to myself if she’s possibly an escaped pony from here. Cocking my head to the side, I stare at her as she floats there, idiotically playing with her lips. She then turns her head and smiles at me. I jump back, then creep back toward the window and whine.

Suddenly, she crashes through the window, creating lots of noise. I knew the ponies in coats would be coming soon. I whine and cry, I panic because I have absolutely no idea what to do. The strange pony then comes plummeting towards me. All I remember is trying to run away, and being struck. Then everything went black.

Chapter 3Edit

== When I finally come to, I open my eyes. Dizzily looking around, I realize that my sight is a little hazy, and lay my head back down until I regain full consciousness once again. A few seconds later, I open my eyes again and the strange pony is right in front of me. Her nose is pressed to mine, and her warm breath is being blown onto my face. I panic and jump up, causing the other pony to fly backwards. As she is about to hit the wall, she suddenly stops, then turns upside down and flies at top speed back towards me. I yelp and jump backwards, but she turns with great speed and crashes, landing on me. I jump up again and begin barking. She stares at me for a while, and I cease my barking. She laughs and begins to speak.

“Hello. My name is ScrewBall! Who’re you?” I cock my head at her, wondering what she was saying. I whine and lower my head, looking at the ground. She raises her hoof, and I cower in fear. What could she be doing?? She then gently sets her hoof on my head and pets me. She scratches behind my ears, and I grunt in satisfaction. SHe giggles and removes her hoof.

“Good doggie.” she says. I jump up and wag my tail as she looks at me. I was overjoyed, someone finally understood! Someone loved me for who I was! I jumped on top of her and started licking her face. She laughs and tries to push me off. I hop off of her and begin to look at my surroundings. This place looks ancient, stone columns are toppled around everywhere, and vines grow and overtake everything around here. Small patches of weeds have grown in between the cracks of the stone floor. This place must’ve looked simply magnificent at one time. Screwball appears behind me and giggles.

“You like it? This is my home.” She then smiles and looks at me. “Come, I want to tell you a story.” She walks me to an area in the building, it looks like a platform of sorts, but it has blankets and things on it to make it comfortable for seating. We sit and she begins her story.==

Chapter 4Edit

“You know, I didn’t always live here. I actually used to live in Ponyville. I was a normal pony. That was, until Discord came along. He hit me full force with his powers of chaos. While everypony else went back to normal when he was turned to stone, I didn’t. I fear that his powers have left me permanently affected. The other ponies never accepted me for who I was, never showed me friendship or compassion. Then, I sensed there was one who felt the same way, was just like me. This is where you come in.”

Screwloose lifted her head, and saw that her new friend was sad. She whimpered and slowly stood up. She trotted over to Screwball and nuzzled her, rubbing her head lovingly on her shoulder. Screwball begun to smile and pet Screwloose again.

“I knew it was a good idea bringing you here. We’re going to be the best of friends.” She hugged Screwloose closer to her, glad to finally have a friend. A friend who truly understood; Even if that friend couldn’t speak, she could see in her eyes that she did, and her whole-hearted little barks she gave. This was the beginning to a great friendship.

(From now on, this series will be set up in the form of episodes.)

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