Welcome to The Fanfiction Wiki of GTF and Phazon! If you are reading this, you are likely new and thus unfamiliar with our rules. This page is for you. Here we will list the rules and regulations of this wiki. Regulations are not strictly required and thus you will not be met with punishment when not followed through. Rules, however, ARE.

The Triforce of Obeying

  • Obey administration first: If we tell you not to do anything, don't keep doing it.
  • Obey veterans second: If admins aren't around, but a user who knows his way around the block his, you might want to listen to them.
  • Obey instinct last: If that little Gary Coleman voice in your head says don't, don't. Gary Coleman is never wrong.


  • Harrassment: Do not harrass anyone on this wiki, be them female, male, face stealing alien from planet Bleem, or known wiki criminal. You will get one warning, one warning shot/ban, then the whole month shabootle.
  • Spamming userpages: Strictly unacceptable. Filling someone's user with nonsense or repetition against their consent will get an immediate block with warning ranging from 2 days to 3 months depending on severity.
  • Vandalism of userpages: Same deal as above. Editing someone else's user without permission counts to this and punishment goes from warning to 3 hour ban on lightest extent and all the way to 3 months depending on severity.


  • Categories: All projects should have at least one category upon production. Failure to go through with this regulation will not be met with punishment, but if witnessed add categories as required.
  • Spamming pages: Spam is considered vadalism and will be punished as such. If you create a project of gibberish without malicious intent and it is deleted, please contact an admin to clear the mistake. However, spamming pages that already had a project on it is strictly forbidden and will be punished according to severity charts below.
  • Vandalism: Vandalism of projects is fordbidden strictly. If someone works hard on a project for a long time and you ruin it, YOU WILL BE PUNISHED. Refer to severity charts below.

Severity chart

  • TBA

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