Chapter 1: Crash Landing




My visor read this as I awoke from stasis, my Leviathan had crash landed. Suprisingly, it hadn't exploded like all the other ones do, but then I remembered that the activation wasn't going to happen until we reaached the atmosphere.

As I rummaged through the demolished Leviathan, I found that all my crew was dead. I didn't feel the need to say goodbye, but just to keep trying to get to the top, where I would find glorious sunlight.

I stared all the data logs onto my suit, and then disabled the ship. I knew it was destroyed beyond repair.

I then got to a hatch, and busted it open with the thrust of a fist. There, I saw small tanks of Phazon in cold storage.

I absorbed them, and my suit's visor read:


I felt reliefed that the Phazon coursing through my veins was back to normal, and I had the strength to get to possible ground.

I had finally reached the top of the rubble, and I shot the door with a burst of charged Phazon.

The hatch flew 20 feet, and landed near a tree.

It turned out it was late at night it seemed, and there stood a strange creature in front of me.

I scanned it, and learned it was a Manticore.

I laughed, thinking, "Are you serious?"

It roared at me challengingly, and I tackled it right away. I brought out my claws, and started to shred away at the creature's back. It screeched in agony as I inflicted the final hit, birds startled as the roar echoed across the forest.

My claws were stained, but I didn't care. I stayed at the crashed Leviathan, knowing it would provide me shelter. I slowly drifted off to sleep for the night.

Chapter 2: First Encounters

I awoke to the sound of rain, the Manticore corpse completely dragged away by something, and I was not up to see what it was.

I proceeded through the forest, knowing I could make a small Phazon casing around myself for protection at night, but it was morning where I was. I scanned trees and such, seeing what little knowledge I could collect of this planet. I eventually stumbled across a small cottage, but I didn't approach it, knowing how most Aliens would react. They would attack me, and I didn't want to kill anything unless it wanted to kill me.

I saw all the small animals feeding on small peices of food, all locked up in cages, but one stood out.

It was a cheery yellow hand it had a light pink mane, and it hummed a small tune as it fed the other animals their fill.

I examined this specias closely, and I decided to scan it. Of all things, it was a Pony.

"An Alien Pony?" I gave myself a strange look inside the Phazon armor I had locked onto my body.

it looked harmless, so I approached it from behind.

"Umm... H-Hello..."

It turned around slowly, it showing an extremely fearful face.


It ran like a cheetah and I was stunned that it was a Pegusus, like out of myths and legends I had read from Elder Chozo Lore.

It triped, and let out a soft mellow "Oww."

I went to try to help it up, but it simply just ran away again.

I was literally thinking about giving up, but I just couldn't.

It eventually made it's way across a bridge, and into a small town. I knew I couldn't just barge in there, I would be caught and everyone would be scared. I slowly drifted off back into the forest, knowing that someone would see me if I was out in the open.

~In Ponyville, Twilight Sparkle's house~

"A-A-And it was...Covered in.. blue armor that...g-glowed..." Fluttershy was bawling by now, and Twi was extremely worried, yet interested in this Blue creature.

She asked her, "Did it hurt you at all?"

Fluttershy replied in her scared tone, "N-No."

Twilight was pondering her thoughts now, thinking of what it could be. She looked through book after book to figure out what it was EXACTLY.

She tried all she could, looked through all of her books, and had found not a scrap of info on the Blue organism.

She was tired out, her hair was frizzed up from all the searching, and Spike was already in his bed, fast asleep.


She implied in her voice that contained no sanity what so ever, "IT'S AN ALIEN!"

She was so sure about this, she immidiatly went to sleep on her small couch right in the middle of the wooden room.

Chapter 3: Galaxies Collide

Twilight had gathered all of her friends together to try to find this strange blue being. Rainbow Dash took by sky with the small assist of Fluttershy, flying at least only 25 feet off the ground, while Rainbow did flew four times that height.

The rest of the Mane Six went on foot.

After a few minutes of searching, they finally saw something large poking out of ground.

They investigated it, and Twilight took a sample of a small blue chemical which was found by the crashed vessel's damaged hull.

When Twilight touched it, it burned her hand more than fire. The flung in on the ground, and the dirt didn't even absorb it. This left Twi in awe, staring at the small liquid that was definatly unworldly. She then put on her hoof gloves, and picked up the radioactive material, which still burned her while she wore the gloves.

She sucessfully collected a small sample in a tube, and she put it in her saddlebag.

Rainbow groaned "We've been searching the Everfree for hours! Are you sure Fluttershy wasn't just seeing things?"

Fluttershy intterupted Dash in the middle of her sentence and she yelped "MONSTER!!!!!"

She flew off to the nearest tree for protection, her tail sticking out slightly.

The Mane Six looked towards the figure, and Fluttershy's description of the being was exactly what Twi was seeing.

Each one stood in awe as they glared at me. I finally noticed them, and slowly approached them.

They walked back as I walked forward towards them.

The yellow one started to sob a little, and I just felt worse for making such a happy creature cry.

I finally just stood there, and I decided to speak to calm their nervous minds.

"Hello," I maneged to mutter

"I'm Phazon, I mean no harm, I accidently crash landed here after my Ship's worm hole generator malfunctioned, and sent me here."

They noticed I was very friendly, but they were still nervous.

Twilight spoke first, in a partyly scared tone. "Hi, my name is Twilight Sparkle." The ponies noticed from this that this creature was most likely very kind and friendly.

Pinkie Pie screamed, "HI I'M PINKIE PIE!" And she began to hop on her tail, which I found amusement from.

Rarity spoke next, "Hello darling, Rarity here."

Fluttershy spoke in her soft tone "Hi, I'm Fluttershy" And she then crouched down behind Dash, thinking that I would possibly attack her.

Rainbow presented herself also. "Hello, the names Rainbow Dash, fastest flyer in Equestria!"

I thought that was quite impressive.

The last one to speak. "Howdy, the name's AppleJack, partna."

Me, knowing nothing about Equestria, asked "Is there any way to make a new wormhole?"

Twilight spoke up as I said the word "wormhole". She asked, "Wormhole? I don't think even the Elements of Harmony could repair something that damaged." She pointed at my ship.

I sighed, thinking I would be here forever. Then, I noticed that the coms array had been severly damaged, so just to make things better, I couldn't contact my own Planet.

Twilight then approached me, and said "Maybe you could stay with me for the night, and then we can meet Luna and Celestia tomorrow!"

I thought that was a good idea, since Celestia and Luna sounded like nice ponies.

I made myself smaller, about 4 feet tall instead of my usual 7, just so I could fit into the house, and Twi let me sleep on her couch.

She asked if I needed anything, and I replied that I was fine.

She went up the ladder up to her bed, and slept soundly through the night.

I did the same, knowing tomorrow would be a big day.

Chapter 4: The Sun And The Moon

When I woke up, a small baby dragon was standing on my chest.

I jumped a little, suprised to see him staring at me.

I crawled away, and he fell to the floor as I turned to my side.

He faceplanted onto the hard wooden floor, and groaned.

"Twi, you never told me you had brought an Alien to your house!"

She replied, "Well, he needed a place to stay was all, and we are gonna take him to Canterlot to meet the Princesses!"

Spike got back up from the faceplant, and he rubbed his cheek, which was a bright crimson.

He yawned and said, "Well, if you need me, I'll be asleep."

He lyed in his bed, and fell asleep right away.

I chuckled, notifying how he instantly fell asleep right as he hit the comfy yet tiny bed which was just his size.

Twi got her saddle bag, and we were off with the other ponies.

Everypony around me gave the same reaction: Shock and awe, just staring at my bulky blue and black armor.

I tried my best to ignore the sheer amount of attention that was drawn to me, and I simply just proceeded towards the ponies to the train station.

I once again had to shrink, since the houses and et cetra are smaller then me. I didn't mind it though.

I sat next to Rainbow Dash, and she looked a little worried.

I asked, "What's the matter, Rainbow?"

She replied in a scared tone, "When we found you...Y'know, near that crashed ship thingy... Well... I had seen this...This large... THING. Just..A THing, I didn't know what to call it."

I was intriugued at her tale, and asked her to describe this "thing".

She describied it in a lot of detail, it being covered with blood, having the regular skull of a pony, but a really disfigured maw that stretched out and was clamped onto a Manticore's head, slowly devouring it with it's long arms, which were made up of different pony corpses.

I was dumbfounded. I knew this planet was alien, but not THAT alien.

I shrugged it off, knowing I could handle anything.

Dash still seemed worried, like the thing was out for her.

Twilight was very exicted though, I could see it in her eyes in the seat next to me.

And the next thing I knew, I was in Canterlot, home of the princesses of Equestria.

We took a different route that would not get us noticed by the local ponies, so that they wouldn't call for the Royal Guard.

When we approached the castle gates, they closed and Royal Guard surrounded us.

I put my hands up immidiatly, knowing that I could hurt these peaceful beings.

They pointed spears at me, until Twi finally spoke.

"Put your weapons down, no need for fighting, It's just Twilight Sparkle and her friends."

One of the guad captains shouted, "Well, who's the blue guy here?"

She intterupted him and said, "A Friend we found who is lost."

The Guard captain let them through, knowing that Celestia hasn't seen here in so long.

When we entered the castle, I was astounded by the stone pillars and staircase with velvet carpeting.

"Wow, you ponies sure do treat Royalty nicely."

Rarity nodded just as Celestia and Luna walked into the room.

They looked a little bit taller then me, and were very majestic. They had the traits of both a Unicorn and Pegasus, making them quite stunning. Celestia wore a necklace and crown that fir her perfectly, and her sister, Luna, also had a crown, but no necklace. Luna was dark blue and black, like the night sky. Celestia was white, but her mane was rainbow colored, and it flowed like water in zero gravity.

The ponies bowed, and so did I.

Luna asked, "Who art thou?"

I answered, "Phazon, hailing from planet Phaaze."

Celestia infered, "Ahh, an alien in Equestria? How facinating."

I answered, "Yes, your highness. I am an extraterrestrial."

She nodded, and so did Luna.

Celestia asked, "What exactly causes that blue aurora?"

Twi interupted me and showed Celestia the tube of Phazon she had collected. She lifted it out of her saddlebag with her horn, and she displayed it to both of the Princesses.

Celestia and Luna gasped at it's furious glow, the light drawing them closer.

Twilight gave the tube to Luna, knowing she could figure out what it could do.

I came up to her and whispered, "Your highness, I think it would be a better idea to let Twi test it, since I could help her if she needs anything. If she tests it, we could make vaccines for an array of diseases, armor for the royal guads, and so much more."

Luna decided it in her head, and nodded. She told Celestia, and she also agreed.

Twilight was confused why the princesses gave her back the tube, but I explained it all to her.

We bowed again, but I felt it was a mistake not telling the princesses about what Dash had seen...

Chapter 5: Horrific Happenings in The Everfree

I sat next to Twi on the way back to Ponyville, and she was very interested about what I was and where I was from. The assortment of questions oozed out of her.

She asked question after question.

"What exactly is Phazon?", Was her first question, and I attacked it right as the sentence finished.

I took a deep breath and answered her simple question.

"I came from the core of my planet, Phaaze. It created my by the fusion of Red and Blue Phazon. Red Phazon can either be a bright orange of a furious crimson color. Red Phazon is more agressive and much more potent. Blue Phazon is less potent, but when hardened, it is harder than Diamonds. Red Phazon is the core of the planet, and the Blue Phazon is the main part of the planet. But, a large area of hardened Blue Phazon covered the area. So, it collapsed when a Space Pirate landed their gigantic ship on the surface. The Pirates where all infused with Phazon, and I was born."

I saw that she took notes, the pencil flying across the paper in her magenta aroura. She was very intruiged, I could tell.

Before she asked me another question, the train came to a complete stop, and we where almost to Ponyville, we only needed to get through the rest of the forest.

The Conductor screamed, and then garbled noises came from the cockpit.

The next thing I knew, the train flipped over, and a demonic screech echoed through the acres of forest.

I awoke to the sound of hooves pounding against my chest. A familiar voice quietly spoke in a terrified tone,

"Come on, wake up... Wake up, For Celestia's sake!"

I told her I was awake, and she sighed in relief. I saw that it was Twi, and her friends where no where to be found.


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