Magic, defying Reality.

Earth, grounding Reality.

Water, replenishing Reality.

Fire, changing Reality.

Tech, expanding Reality.

Undead, destroying Reality.

Life, creating Reality.

Air, making Reality free.

These eight Elements make our Reality what it is today; It brings balance to our world, out planet, our galaxy, and our universe. They explain the inexplainable, defy the impossible, and influence us all.

About a millenium ago, Four Beings and Four Spirits were created: The Being of Fear, The Being of Freedom, The Spirit of Happiness and the Spirit of Opression. It is unknown who created these entities, but it is suggested that they simply were, are, and will be.

The Beings and Spirits paired many times. And so the eight Elements were created, all Halflings; Half Being, Half Spirit, but all mortal.

Tragically, the Being of Fear was tormented by a malevolent supernatural force even more powerful than him, and on his daughter, the Tech Element's seventh birthday, he completely snapped, and murdered his betrothed, the Spirit of Happiness.

The rest of the Spirits and Beings were to follow, until the Being of Fear realized he was outmatched, and in disgrace, exiled himself from the universe.

The rest of the Beings and Spirits hastilly abandoned their children to loving homes, wiping their memories, all with the exeption of the Being of Fear's daughter, who had already had her memory wiped, and put into a foster system.

They then simply decided, to stop existing, their only hope coming from a Prophecy told by the Oracle of Happenings:

Three will become Two;

Neutral will choose a Side;

Good and Evil will meet eachother in Battle;

And blood will flood Reality.

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