I awoke to the sound of a bloodcurdling scream, startled as if someone had died. I looked around the dark room, and noticed something large creep it's way toward me. I attempted to kick it away, but I finally noticed that I was tied in a wooden chair.

I struggled, but the rope, it was like a boa constricter, suffocating me even more as I wiggled around.

And then, out of the corner of my eye...I noticed...IT.

They crawled to me at the speed of light, it seemed, and were dog sized. It seemed they had eight appendages, and had long, slender fangs dripping with toxic venom. I attempted to scream at the top of my lungs, but I just couldn't bring myself to it. I squirmed in my chair, trying to stay as far away from the eight-legged horrors.

Out of nowhere, a light flickered on, and all was revealed. I sat in open mouthed awe at what I saw.

I cringed in fear from a horrifying spider, the size of a Saint Bernard, which glared into my eyes like a hawk. it's face was disfigured, having 10 eyes instead of 8, and the hairs on it's legs were blood stained. It's fangd were the size of doctor's needles, ready to peirce my flesh any second from now. It had these strange talons on the end of each foot, making me guess that it cut open it's victims. My attention shifted to my surroundings, which it appeared that I was in a basement. I searched the room, still keeping an eye on the spider, it still staring with it's cold, terrifying eyes. Everywhere I saw jars of insects, dozens of them, of all kinds. I eyed a large cage in the corner, which had been ripped in two. I saw in the other corner of the room, a large web that could probably hold a few humans.

And I was right.

The web seemed to be covered in blood and interal organs, making it look like a web of intestines. It sent a chill down my spine, and my full attention was now on the spider from hell, obviously.

It then turned into what looked like a hooded exicutioner, with the same disfigured features. It stood about eight feet tall, having the regular features of a human, but from the neck up, he looked as if someone had poured toxic waste on him. His face looked just like the spider's, but much more grotesque, having a large maw covered in fangs and teeth of all sizes, able to chomp down on anything with one single swipe of it's mouth.

It did not proceed toward me, but threw off his robe instead.

And all I have to say is... Holy. Crap.

His body was extremely bloodstained, his chest was opened as if someone was giving him open heart surgery. His ribs were poking out of his chest like spears, his jet black heart thumping violently. His arms, he proceeded to split in half, doing the same with his legs, making him look just like the Eight Legged arachnids I despised.

He then proceeded to fall to peices.

I was confused by this action, but when I felt the hairy legs us against my skin, I jumped like a rocket. They started to cover every inch of my foot, then my leg, then the whole bottom half of my body. My whole body felt numb against the furry legs of the many spiders covering my body. It then proceeded to my stomach, then my upper chest, then my shoulders, feeling more and more helpless.

Eventually, I was neck deep in spiders. Literally. They started to cover my face, the furry appendages tickling my eyes and cheeks. They then pstarted to race into my mouth, and in which I let out a scream in which a Banshee could not achiecve. I slowly felt my organs filling to the brim with spiders, and I was close to passing out. I had plenty of bite marks, Tetrodotoxin coursing through my viens. I felt I was at death's doorstep, knocking at his chamber door. I could barely feel my body as I slowly fell into a coma.

And then,

I awoke.

I was in a sweating fit as if I had been in the sun for an hour. I was breathing heavy, but reliefed that it wasn't real. I went to the closest bathroom in my house to see... A small cobweb in the corner...Which was larger than any other cobweb I have ever seen. I ignored it, and washed my face. I returned to my room, but just before I closed my door and locked it, I noticed the basement door was ajar.

At the same time, I heard a knocking at the door.

My heart skipped 2 beats when I saw a medium sized figure emerge from the basement, and make it's way towards the door faster than speed.

And who was at the door, you may ask?