Jeff:*carrying a burnt chucky doll,he walks into a Building*Take this

  • tosses doll on desk*
Stuart Snyder:This could be a great new Live Action Show.Childs Play,the show!I can see it now!

what Stuart Sketched.

Jeff:*stabs Stuart*That`s for ruining Cartoon Network*walks away*

  • the blood leaks into the burned doll,it twitches*

The doll:*puts hand on the dying body`s head,says a chant and falls down*

Stuart:*puts head up,and streches*Chucky`s BACK!

  • Hours later*

Stuart:HA!They`re finished!Mail these to every house in America.

Mailman:Got it.

Stuart:*sketches*Find this guy and give him to me.

Servant:Got it.

  • Random House in America*

Child:*doorbell rings*I`LL GET IT.*opens to find a chucky doll*SWEET

Father:*picks up and brings into garage*There ya go.*sits on couch,but sees something move.*hello?

Father:*leans back*hmph*soon after a doll carrying an axe attacks the father*AHH!

  • Blood squirting sounds*

Reporter:Hi,we are getting a new president!He is-


Anchor:Yes,we here that Chucky dolls are being sold throughout America,but the recent recipecints have been mysteriously murdered.

Reporter 2:So,sir,what do you think of this

Man:Well,sorry Jack,Chucky`s Back.

  • cuts to a woman*

Woman:It`s godda** Chucky,Bi***.

Reporter 2:Seems I`m in the black neighborhood.

  • a bunch of black ladies appear*

Cameraman:PEACE*Runs and trips*

  • static*

The Death of a Dollsman,COMING SOON