AUTHORS NOTE: This is going to be an ongoing fic. Each week i will give you a day and then take a small hiatus. So, this was inspired a bit by Gravity Falls and a video which was cool. The rest is my imagination. I would like to credit Phazon, Raven, Masked, Cartoonfan, Rainbowderp and other people for making OC's that will appear in this story. So... TIME TO READ! Because Twilight Sparkle commands you to.

Day One:

I had two good friends. Phazon and Windrider. We were friends since Kindergarden. Phazon had a black coat, purple mane, Nightmare Moon-ish eyes and was an alicorn. Why was he an alicorn? I don't know, but he's not a Mary Sue, at the very least. He was somewhat FREAKING INSANE with his ideas.

And then we had Windrider, an earth pony with straight hair, a white coat and a kite thingy for her cutie mark. She was somewhat different from Phazon. That didn't really stop her from being crazy, beliving in things like The Slendermane and other things.

One day i was reading Equestria Daily and i found a section called "ponies see Slendermane and other useless crap that probably won't make your life better but you payed two bucks for this newspaper so you have to read it anyway". Phazon was more interested in a cruise ad next to it but we read the article anyway.

"6 ponies found killed after attempting to find Slendermane" "Creator of Slendermane jailed" "Slendermane makes a person watch NEWBORN CUTIES: OVER TWO RAINBOWS!" "Person found dead because Slendermane made him watch Newborn Cuties!"

Newborn Cuties was the element of torture. The person who made them was sent to the moon for life, the network that aired it had to be shut down FOREVER, Any other person who wasn't the creator was sent to the moon for 1000 years and the people who saw it had to be sent to the moon for 1000 hours.

NOTE: Time to work on this throughout the week.

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