The Bizzaro Room is a project by SweetieBotXLS. 

Here's some info about his dumb fics that use way too much self-depriciation. Explaining, well think of it as something set in Metroid-verse where the W.E.I.R.D Platoon (a.k.a a platoon of Phazon, Raven, GTF, Blue Pant and Private Insanity, who is currently one of my own characters)  is planning to invade Earth. But another platoon called, well, The Bizzaro Room (SweetieBot, Sublime, Rainbow if she ever gets on, and Milo The Deranged Maniac) is already at Earth, living in Spy's shed. 

So, this is done in script styling. I'm writing each story with crappy as hell imatations of how you guys write.

Season OneEdit

The Bizzaro Room Presents: Apocalypse Later (much much much later)

Phazon Presents: The Big Damn Backstory Episode! (The Bizzaro Room)

Private Insanity Presents: Nervous Breakdowns And Other Things Like That!

Raven Presents: Violence, Backstories, Swearing And Killing!

GTF Presents: Inactive Issues Of The Elephant!

This page is currently in progress.

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