One by one,they all go downEdit

Chapter 1:Blue Pant.Edit

One day,a new user named Demon666 joined.I thought his name was weird,so I asked him about it.So he sent me a link named "Hell".Thinking it was some scam,I clicked it.I was sucked into a portal and landed in a firey world.A demon suddenly approached me,saying if someone could discover his plan and not click the link I will not be tortured.However,they would have to respond with a link named Heaven,to free me.I looked one in Horror as I saw through a screen the demon lure another kid into his trap.

Chapter 2:GTFEdit

GTF,puzzled by the link,almost pressed it,but instead asked why he sent the link.Demon666 responded by telling him to ask me,so GTF left me a message.Months passed and I never answered,so GTF instead clicked the link.He was about to be pulled in but then GTF said "God,this is taking forever to load".The word God had repelled the portal,and saved him.GTF noticed I was in the portal,and then decided to call the cops.Unfortunally,his house phone was hooked up in the same outlet as the PC,and GTF was sucked in through the phone.

The Demon inside youEdit

Chapter 1:9/8/12Edit

Wikia held the first anual wiki convention.Best part?Teleporters are mailed to your home to get to the event.AWESOME.Though,Mask was acting kinda strange,like he was talking to himself about murdering some old lady,Strange.Anyhow,so far the conventions pretty cool,though everyone keeps giving Mask odd looks.It`s like they know something.

Chapter 2:9/10/12Edit

I know I should be calling the police,but...I JUST SAW A...A...SOMETHING,JUMP OUT OF MASK AND..AND...AND CUT INTO KILLER'S STOMACHE.They didn't see me,but I'm still scared.....I'm gonna call thge police now.

The VistorEdit

Coming Soon.

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