A monster,a pet..a person.What ever you think of it it's one thing...CLAWS.


It was a stormy night in England the day of December 5th 1885.In his small workhouse down the old dirt road of George Street, Jacob Ibroh was working on developing a cure for tuberculosis.He mixed a rare element he found in a mine down in Africa (He called it,Afri-iron)with some herb leaves.The concoction bubbled and spilled all over the table. His dog, Claws, being trained to lick up messes mistaked the syrum for juice and licked it up.The syrum caused the dogs cells to expand rapidly and it grew into a large beast.The cell expansion caused the skull to damage part of the hippocampus and bring out the instinctive side of the dog.It attacked and killed Jacob.The towns people overpowered the beast and locked him in a cave under a mountain.Due the the rapid cell expansion,the beast never died,and just got older and older and older without the need for food and water.Of course,it still missed food....until he finally got some.

One Day....Edit

In 1985,some kids were picking on Dan,a retro-goth kid visiting for the holiday. Not believing he really had no fears,the jocks grabbed him and drove him out into a cave below Mount Fuji. Tossing him in a cave blindfolded,they prepared to scare the goth by pretending to be eaten by an monster. "AHHHH" said one of the jocks."Help Me,I'm soooo scared,HA HA!"Yelled another.Suddenly one of the jocks made a loud roar."AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH*Skch*" HELP,HELP,HEEEEKLIPTHHHH"About 100 screams and ripping sounds later,the goth had enough."Oh,HA HA,very funny."he yelled removing his bilndfold,only to see a red cave covered in red streamers.The goth saw large wolf-like footprints leading out of the cave.He realized the those weren't streamers.

Modern DayEdit

Detective Chasey had just arrived at work in the Great Town of Franklin.He got his Phazon brand coffee,put on his badge and sat at his desk,his daily routine.As soon he got comfortable,a call came in.

Woman:OK,I'm patching you in now.

  • Ring*

Chasey:Who is it,Becky?

Woman:Your old partner from the academy. He has an murder he wants you to solve.

Chasey:Detective Chasey here.

Jack Nicholas:I've got a mauling here,there's human sized footprints outsized but animal claws on the body,think it was a bear.

Chasey:If it was,you'd be able to tell by the prints.

            *DUN DUN*

              305 5TH ST,JOHNSON HOME,1205 AM JUNE 5TH

Chasey:*Stares intently at ground*That fur,where have I seen it before?I know it has something to do with streamers...what?

First Responder:Find anything interesting?

Chasey:I found some fur.I'll run some DNA testing on it and run some matches on the prints.

First Responder:What the hell do you think went on here?

Chasey:That's what I'd like to know.


Some unhappy husband:So,just 50 bucks before or after?*Giant shadow shades mans face showing something killing a woman*AHHHH!*man dips*

Chasey:*faint siren in background*So this "WEREWOLF" jumped in and killed this "BUSINESS PARTNER"of yours.


Nicholas:You're white you don't get to say that.*man gives "OKAY FACE"*

Nicholas:*To Chasey*Think these cases are connected,Detective.

Chasey:Maybe,we found a trail of blood covered giant prints on the roofs and walls of buildings leading back to the alley.And more fur.

Nicholas:Have you identified the prints and furs?

Chasey:Yep,all match with dogs.

Nicholas:Hmm,are you sure you don't know what this reminds you of.

Chasey:Hmm...It was when I was goth..or emo..we need to find out where these prints end.

  • LATER*

Chasey:A sewer.It washes off the blood.This things been around.

Nicholas:What's that.*points to light luminating down sewer tunnel*

Chasey:*radios for backup*

Dispatch:All squads are covered,sir.


Dispatch:People are turning into dog creatures everywhere,the city's quarantined.

Chasey:I think I know why.

Nicholas:Sure you don't need me? I never miss a shot.

Chasey:No*proceeds to light*This is my fight.

Claws:*Turns* *Domesticated growl*

Chasey:*Raises gun*Nice to see you again,too.

Claws:*Jumps and pounces on Chasey*

Battle ensures

Chasey gets the upper hand and handcuffs Claws,to no avail,as he breaks free,stunning Chasey and tackling him

Claws:*Grunts*Niiiiceee tooo see


Chasey stares in horror as smoke and blood pours from Claws head.

Nicholas:*blows smoke off gun*I told you.

Chasey:Think he's always been like this? Helpless to the craving for the meals deprived from him?

Nicholas:Maybe,but we can agree on one thing,it was beauty who killed the beast.

Chasey:*punches Nicholas*

Nicholas:How'd you know? Know who he was? Know where he hid,knew what he did?

Chasey:Because...Dan Chasey never forgets a face.Even if he's never seen it.

So Chasey and Nicholas had ended the beast's endless feeding frenzy,and had been able to cure the infected.But,darkness still roams out in Franklin,and they're gonna stop it.

  • Distant Hiss and a silouette of an serpant appears*


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