“Marina...I’m scared.” A small, whisper of a voice echoed throughout the darkened room.

“What’s the matter Crimoa?” The other voice echoed back, answering.

“I heard a noise... It sounded like it was near mother’s room.” The little girl answered as her striped tail flicked back and forth, showing how frightened she was.

“I heard it as well. Stay here, I’ll go see what’s happened.” The girl named Marina answered. As she slowly rose from her bed, she gathered her courage, as she was afraid as well. Yet, being the elder sister, she had to do all she could to protect her younger sister. Creeping, trying to stay as quiet as possible, she arrived to her mother’s room. Little did she know, this would change her life forever. Marina stood in the doorway of her mother’s room, not uttering a single noise, a single word, even a single breath.


"Sister?? Whats the matter??"

“Sister? Sister?? What’s the matter?” Crimoa’s voice quivered as she asked her sister. Marina then broke into tears, and crashed to the ground. She sobbed, her body quivering like a leaf.

“Sister?!” Crimoa ran to her sister’s side. Once she looked into the room, she froze in place, here eyes widening in fear.

Lying cold and lifeless on the floor, was their mother, Netare, covered in blood, sticky, warm,


Lying cold and lifeless on their floor was their mother, covered in blood, warm, sticky, red blood.

red blood. The two sister rushed to their mothers side, cried and yelled for her to come back, return to them, shook her until she returned. Alas, they were too late, their mother was long gone. They hugged her, shook her, cried and sobbed, but this did nothing.

Marina then saw a gleam in the distance, she peered into the dark to see what it was. She rose up from her spot and slowly walked towards the light, a tremble in each step she took. As she got closer, she the silhouette of a cloaked young man. The thing that had gleamed was the glistening dagger he held in his hand. The dagger was covered in fresh blood. Looking into his face, she saw that sorrow gleamed in his dim eyes. He mouthed the words “I’m sorry.” Then jumped out the window, escaping into the darkness of the night. Marina tried running at the man, but with all the shock and sorrow she had just experienced made her legs feel paralyzed. It tured her helpless. The sisters grieved the whole night long, and even the next day. After all the tears they had had been shed, they decided that grieving forever would do nothing. Tears alone would not bring their mother back. Nothing could. If they grieved like this any longer, they knew they’d rot themselves away. Heartbreak begets heartbreak, pain begets pain. It wouldn’t be what their mother would have wanted. After bidding last farewells, and packing on the most essential things, they leave their home forever.


The flames engulf their house

They are going to embark on journey to find their mother’s murderer, why she was murdered, and they vow to avenge her death. 'The flames flail to and fro, licking up every inch of their home. The sister’s have hard looks on their faces, knowing there’s no going back now. The fire engulfs the house until there’s nothing left, and they leave to begin their journey.

Chapter 1Edit

10 Years Later......

CLANG! CLINK! The sharp blade of Crimoa's dagger caused a noise to ring throughout the forest as it hit the tough skin of the baby dragon. An arrow zipped by, missing Crimoa by an inch, but entered the chest of the dragon. It screeched and swung it's arms, trying hard to blow fire, when only tiny wisps of smoke would escape its mouth. Esther gave the final blow, by controlling the dragon, causing it to scratch into itself, which caused it to instantly die. It gave one last screech and toppled over.The three ran over to their fresh kill and examined it.

"Yahoo! Another vicory for us!" Claw yelled, her voice echoing along the forest. Laughing, Marina asked "Don't you think that was a little overkill? It was just a baby dragon after all." Then she thought to herself 'Then again, my sister does love to show off.' She rolled her eyes at her sister as she did a little victory dance.

The sisters cleaned the meat in a nearby lake, wiping away the blood and mud from its skin. Marina began to cook it over the fire, roasting it slowly. Once dinner was served, Crimoa savagely ripped at the meat with her fangs. Esther stared absent-mindedly at the sister as they ate, and gave a small smile.

"Yum! This dragon meat is delicious!" Crimoa said as she munched.

"I agree, this is quite delicious. We haven't eaten anything this flavorful since we stole all that cheese from the royal storehouse." Marina remarked. Crimoa continued to rip into the meat, smacking her lips.

"Why must you eat so disgustingly sister? It sickens me... I'm trying to eat as well." Marina told her sister. Crimoa gave a hearty laugh while Esther's smile grew. After dinner, Crimoa gathered the bones and fangs left over from the dragon, and put them into her leather bag. She would carve more arrows, weapons and tools with these later. "My back's killin' me! When are we gonna get to sleep in real beds again?" Crimoa complained as she rubbed her back. "Crim.... you know we haven't been able to do many things since..... that night....." Marina then drifted off into her own thoughts. "Yeah, yeah, I know. You don't hafta lecture me everytime. Well, no use in sitting here all day. How about we go find something to do?" I wanna spar, or battle something...." "You go ahead sister, I'll stay here and keep watch...." Marina said absent mindedly.

"Yeah, yeah, alright. I'll go spar or find some more armor or weapons or something. C'mon, let's go Esther!" She grabbed Esther's hand and they both ran off into the woods, leaving Marina alone with her thoughts.

Chapter 2Edit

"Mannnnn! There's nothing to do here! There's nothing to slay, nothing, nothing! Ughhh I'm so bored!" Crimoa yelled. Suddenly, she heard a rustle within the bushes behind her. Just then, someone pounced out from the bushes, and tackled Crimoa. She crashed to the ground, along with the attacker.

"WHO ARE YOU? I COMMAND YOU, TELL ME! WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM??" Crimoa screeched as she flailed under him. Now, she got a better look at the attacker. He was a young man, looked about her age. He had shaggy white hair, and strange red eyes. He was wearing a long black coat. He nervously smiled at her, and begun to speak.

"Grettings. My name is Todd. Nice to meet you. Starting now, you're our slave. You are to cook, clean, gather supplies, and things such as that for us." Todd said in a voice that confused Crimoa, he had a kind, friendly voice. But the things he was saying didn't seem to match. Meanwhile, Esther hid behind a tree, waiting for the right time to strike. Just then, a young child stepped out from behind Todd. He had very very pale skin, ripped and torn clothes, fangs, and bright candy red eyes. After a little examination of him, she came to the conclusion he must be a vampire. However, a vampire so young was rare.

"Forget that dude, I'm not doing a damn thing for you. Esther, mind giving me a hand?" Esther heard the signal and stepped out from behind the tree. Todd turned around, and saw her. She begun to laugh, a innocent little girls giggle. Then, the sounds of a laugh that beckons insanity began to mix with it. The laugh took the effect it was meant, and caused Todd to become stunned. She slowly floated over to Todd and begun to absorb his soul, merging it with hers, making it easier for her to control him. Avon then dashed to Todd's side and sunk his fangs into his neck, sucking Esther's soul out. He then spat, and Esther reappeared next to Crimoa. Todd dizzly stood back up and said with a drunken voice, "Is that all you got?"

"Well, Todd," she put lots of sarcasm and emphasis on the way she said his name, "We havent even begun. Now it's my turn."Crimoa began to unsheathe her dagger.

Chapter 3Edit

Marina begun to swing her dagger at Todd, the sounds of her precise and strong slashing echoing through the trees. He dodged each one. “UGH! STOP MOVING AROUND!” Crimoa yelled. She had to admit, he was fast.Wait, what? Someone faster than the Crimoa herself? The thought was sickening to her. She then got fed up with this method, and then decided to try out the new magicks her sister had just taught her. She concentrated all her will on Todd as he stood there and taunted her. It wasn’t working! She thought harder. Just then, he yelped and stopped talking. Ha! She’d gotten the paralysis spell to work. He would be unable to move without her permission. However, he was still allowed to talk. Crimoa then decided to show off a little bit and try out that levitation spell Marina had taught her. To her surprise, it worked. As for Avon, Esther had him under her influence, he wasn’t going anywhere either. Not unless Esther wanted him to, that is. Crimoa then began to speak to her prisoners. “Ok, Todd. We weren’t correctly introduced back there.” She spoke in a friendly demeanor. Then she snapped. “Who are you?! And what’s your business here?? Answer me truthfully and clearly! And don’t you even pull that ‘it’s a long story’ crap, because, clearly, we’ve got all day here!” \ “I’m not telling you anything, wench!” Todd yelled back at her. “Oh, well, that’s too bad, I guess, I guess I’ll just have to let you down and be on my way then....” She turned her back to him and walked a few steps away. She then swiftly turned back around and used her spell to send him flying high into the air, way into the sky. She lifted the levitation spell as he began to fall. Faster and faster he went as he came plummeting down. “AHHHHHHHOKAYOKAOKAYOKAYI’LLTELLYOUEVERYTHINGJUSTCATCHMEPLEASEOHMYGODI MGONNADIEWHYYYPLEASEI’LLTELLYOUANYTHINGJUSTPLEEEASEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Todd’s screams echoed as he fell ever so faster to the ground. Just as he was about to smash into the ground, Crimoa caght him with her spell and levitated him a few feet in front of her. “Ok, now that I’ve saved your life, no need to thank me,” She snickered, “Tell me everything.” Todd lifted a finger to object, but then realized he wasn’t getting out of this, and dropped his head. “Fine.... I’ll tell you everything.”

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