Sweet Revenge is a story I had begun writing a few years ago, I'm revising it and rewriting it. This is a story of vengence, romance, friendship, and suspense.

As young girls, the two sisters Crimoa and Marina wake to find their mother dead. Marina sees the man who killed her mother, but isn't able to stop him. After a few days of grieving, they decide to leave and avenge their mother. On their travels, they gain a companion, a young ghost girl named Esther. After a long day, Crimoa goes into the woods and is ambushed by an anonymous man. She then comes to find that his mother's murder may have been connected to the murder of Crimoas mother. Soon, the two sisters gain two new companions, Todd the half-demon, and Avon the young vampire. They embark on a great quest to figure out why their parents were murdered, and as they delve deeper, they discover a dark secret about the murders, and find that it's much more than they ever imagined.


Medieval Times, a city named Mernyia.


List of characters that appear that play a major role in the story.


Name- Marina Rydenn

Age- 19

Species- Wolf Demon
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Weapons- Bow and Arrow

Skills- Agility, speed, accuracy, multiple magiks and stealth

Relationships- Crimoa: Sister

Bio- Her mother was murdered when she was very young. Her and sister decided to leave home and find out why she died, who killed her, and avenge her mothers death.

Personality- She can be very sincere and serious at times, but sometimes will loosen up and have fun with her sister. She loves her sister very much, and only wants to keep her safe.

Crimoa Edit

Name- Crimoa Rydenn


Age- 16

Species- Tiger Demon

Weapons- Dagger, sword, claws

Skills- Stealth, strength, rage, pickpocketing, basic magiks, and thievery

Relationships- Marina: Sister, Todd: Possible Love Interest

Bio- Her mother was murdered when she was very young. Her and her sister decided to leave home and find out why she died, who killed her, and avenge their mother's death.

Personality- Crimoa is very outgoing, and loves a good fight. She is very loud, and likes to act tough and show off. (Her personality is a little similar to Rainbow Dash) Though sometimes she may not act like it, she can be affectionate and kind, when it is to her benifit.


Name- Esther Maridan

Age- ?

Species- ghost
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Weapons- ?

Skills- Possesion, can control other bodies

Relationships- Avon:Possible Love Interest

Bio- Esther met Crimoa and Marina during their travels, she followed them. At first she had wanted to fight them, but after observation, she decided to approach them. She then aggreed to accompany them on their journey. When she was still alive, she was part of a wealthy family in an old city in the city of Nyradia.

Personality- She is very sincere and quiet, doing what she must to help her friends. However, after Avon shows up, she begins to loosen up, in an effort to appeal to him.

Todd Edit

Name- Todd Xyradian

Age- 17


Species- half-demon

Weapons- fangs, dagger, and sword

Skills- Strength, very little ability with magicks,

Relationships- Crimoa- Possible Love Interest

Bio- His mother was murdered when he was young as well, his mother was human while his father was a demon. He joins the sisters in hope of finding out who was responsible for the murder and to avenge his mothers death.

Personality- He is very unstable, as he never feels like he can fit in, with him not being full human nor full demon. He then finds Crimoa and loosens up a bit. He acts tough, but really isn't as tough as he seems. He can be kind when he wants.


Name- Avon Syrim

Age- ?
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Species- Vampire

Weapons- fangs

Skills- Can transform into bat, has wings, is able to suck out spirits, souls, and blood

Bio- He met Todd in his travels, Todd tried to save him from a larger vampire trying to pick a fight. Without Todd, he'd be dead. Owing a debt to Todd, he agrees to accompany him in his travels. He was turned into a vampire when he was very young.

Personality- He can be very sincere, serious, yet shy. Yet, when he meets Esther, he loosens up a bit.

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