Eyebrow raise Applejack
I suddenly awoke to the sound of trees being bucked very quickly. I didn't know where I was, nor what time it was. I was greeted by a light orangish-rust colored being, that was about 4 feet high and was bipedal. It darted away behind a tree like a lightening bolt when i got up, dazed and confused. I almost stumbled onto the ground again, and it offered a hoof to help me with my balance. It spoke with a soft country accent that soothed my nerves.

"Howdy, uh... What exactly are ya, anyway?" it spoke with a nervous tone.

"Uhh, my aching back!" I cracked my back, and groaned in pleasure from not having a knot in my back.

"Oh, sorry. I am a human being, from Earth, but who are you, exactly?"

"The names Applejack, it's a pleasure to meet ya." She knelt before me as if I were royalty. "Umm.....Your name, sir?"

"The name is Jack, ma'm, and where exactly am I?"

"You are in Ponyville, which is in Equestria, of course. But you wouldn't have known that."

As soon as she spoke those words, I went ballistic.


My whole body seemed as if it were in heaven itself. Applejack limped away from me with a disturbed look on her face.

I calmed down, seeing That the small pony getting quite bamboozled by my sudden actions.

"Oh, I am so sorry, I didn't mean to scare you. It's just that..."

"That what?" She asked in an interested tone.

"it's just that.....This place is not supposed to be real, though. This place's amazing, but I just don't see how I got here."

"Well, I might've known how ya got here, partner...And, we could possibly find out at mah freind Twilight's place."

We proceeded to a friend of AppleJack's known as Twilight Sparkle.AppleJack and I traveled quite swiftly to Twilight's location, and when they got there, Twilight was struck in awe for what seemed like forever from seeing a human for the first time. She wanted to examine my whole body, but I just insisted to her that I didn't want to be inspected. Twilight blushed at the thought, examining my "whole" body.

Applejack snorted at the thought of that. "Hey,uhh, Twilight, we came here to figure out where and possibly why poor Jack has come to Ponyville." She rested a hoof on my shoulder.

Twilight had spaced out at at the thoughts of "inspecting" me, and she had snapped back to reality when AppleJack asked her the question.

"Huh? Oh, right. He most likely came from some kind of unknown portal, through through which he would remember nothing while travelling through the interdimensional portal, and through all those galaxies beyond Equestria itself.

AppleJack looked at Twilight as if she had three heads. "Uhh.....I beg your pardon?

I looked at Twilight with eyes the size of golfballs. "So your saying...I have traveled millions, even billions, of light years from my home planet, Earth, to here from some kind of interdimensional portal that I had no idea I had traveled to?"

Twilight nodded firmly. "Yes, that is correct."

My. Mind. Was. Blown.

And after that single moment, my life was changed forever.

~Six Months Later~

I have been in Ponyville for some time, getting to know everyone, or should I say everypony, as townfolk say. Living here isn't that bad, not having to do anything but relax and not having a worry in the world. I stayed with the pony who found me, AppleJack, and I enjoy being on her orchird with her. I help her get the apples from the trees and put them in large buckets, which is quite difficult, but just to smell her sweet scent of Gala apples is tantalizing to my nostril, I just can't get enough, so I just keep working. She occasinally helps me move the apples to the barn, and once our task was completed, we just take a seat on the hay covered dirt, talk about Equestria and Earth together, alone. We both felt as if the barn was our only place that separated Equestria from us. And I finally found out that I was in love with a Bright orange pony.

But tonight, I felt different about what was going to happen. Somehting.....That I would awfully enjoy to my heart's content.

I proceeded to the barn ( I was at a local party with Pinkie Pie, she said I was the life of the party, besides her.) and felt myself getting a little sweaty.

I thought to myself, "Stay confident, don't look nervous. You have wanted to do this all your life, and now you get to do it with the pony of your dreams!"

I shook the thought of being nervous like a boat.

I arrived at the barn, and saw AppleJack on the ground, just sitting there with a kinky glare in her eye, thinking exactly what I was thinking.

I asked her a question in the same tone, wanting to not "get with it" just yet.

"Hey, can I have an Apple to settle my mind? I kinda need to think about this..."

She answered in the sexiest tone I had ever heard. "How 'bout you try these apples, then?"

She opened her legs slowly, and pointed her hoof to her pussy. It was glistening with beads of juice, just waiting to be fucked.

I looked in awe for a few seconds, and then I made my decision out of pleasure.

I answered back in her tone, "Sure...Why not?"

I got on my back as AppleJack got on my chest.I began to lick her, and she gasped from the sudden pleasure. She muttered phrases like, "Oh, you like them apples, doncha?" and "Yeah, you can have all mah apples, Jack." I was obviously getting hard form all this talk as I stuck my toungue in deeper. Her moans of pleasure echoed through the barn. She tasted like honey mixed with that apple scent I fell in love with.I stopped licking, and AppleJack gave me a sad look.

I asked, "Hey, wanna try me now?"

She answered by slowly taking off my pants. I snickered, and I sat on the ground, completely naked.

She immidiately started to lick the tip of my dick, and my eyes seemed to roll into the back of my head in pleasure.

I muttered, trying to get the words out without groaning, "Hey, I think you should try to put the whole thing in your mouth."

She was already one step ahead of me, and it seemed as if she had consumed my dick. She started to suck, and all I could mutter up was a few moans of pleasure. She learned that she could set me off by licking from the base up. I knew I should probably fuck her before I cum in her mouth, although that would feel amazing.

I slipped my dick out of her mouth, and she got that sad face again. I simply told her that it was okay, and we should just get to fucking.

I layed her down on her rump, and I lay on top of her, my dick fitting into her snuggly. I gasped when I penetrated her finally, and she let out another moan of pleasure that just made me even harder. I started slowly, and started to go faster, while sweating like I was in a sauna. I eventually made AppleJack tell me to go slower, which was perfect for me to pepper her face with kisses.

I eventually felt that sensation that you feel in a flash, and I was just fine with it.

I announced to AppleJack, "I'M GONNA CUM!!!"

She seemed to scream back, "I THINK I AM TOO!!!"

We came together, connected like 2 lovers were suposed to be. I felt it as if it were a river of cum flowing out of my dick into AppleJack.

Since we both didn't have the energy to move much anymore, we both laid down by each other and smiled.

I said in a lovey-dovey tone, "I love you, Applejack."

She replied back in the same voice, "I love you too, Jack."

And we both fell asleep beside each other, we looking as if they were glaring at one another, with that same gaze we gave eachother that morning, when I first laid eyes on her.