Darth Vader: Greetings, I just choked Captain Antilles, he said the Red Sox were better than the Phillies

Mod Terrik: Vader sent us to Tatooine, it is hot, he couldn't have sent us to the Moon of Endor, where it is green?

Han Solo: I was betrayed by my old friend Lando, but he saved my life from Jabba, I didn't know he could be such a commando.

Boba Fett: Don't make me angry, whatever you do you will regret, because you never mess with a Fett

Lando: I betrayed Han Solo, I told I made a deal that will keep the Empire out of here forever, I never Vader was so clever

Lt. Pol Treidum: TK-421, Why aren't you at your post? I didn't TK-421 was toast

Chewbacca: [roars] I am such a great Co-pilot for a Wookiee, I deserve a cookie

Greedo: [speaking Huttese] I used to fight, I sent kids to the nurse, but I got karma when Han Solo shot first.

The End

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