Before we begin, here's some boring messages that nobody gives a crap about.

Why Epic Coffee Is A Mare Edit

A lot of you have been asking me this. Here we go.

1. I prefer the mare's design. The stallion's blocky design bugs me for some reason.

2. It actually works better for shipping. And this will be a shipping fic. (Be prepared, Masked.)

3. To keep up with the continuity in the show. There are a lot of mares in the show, and i keep up with the show in my fan works. Actually, that is a pretty bad reason, but i don't give a crap.


This story is intended to be PG-13 rather than the PG stuff i did earlier. In other words, NOT REALLY FOR YOUNG CHILDREN.

Some Coffee Will Do Good will contain mature humor.

Also, Epic Coffee will be pegasi rather than alicorn in this because if you have an alicorn OC it makes you look like a Mary Sue.

1: I Like Coffee Edit

My friends Berry Punch and Moondancer try to stop me from drinking coffee. But i can't resist. It's so good!

No, i do not have a problem with this coffee thing. I only drink 12 cups a day! I don't see any of you complaining about Berry Punch's drinking problem!

Then again, i'm being quite a hypocrite. I do have a drinking problem as well, but me, Moondancer and Berry Punch do enjoy drinking at the local bar.

I remember when i was a rich, successful wonderbolt. Well, i'm still rich but i normally use about $1200 a day on coffee.

But, because of me drinking too much, i ended up getting fired. I'm sure Berry Punch wouldn't last a day being a wonderbolt.

Hell no, she wouldn't.

She wouldn't last a day. Drunkard.

So, i'm sitting in my room watching The Gala on TV like i do every year. You know, because i can't buy tickets because i drink too much coffee.

I just hate this. This needs a change. Better stop drinking coffee. But i can't.

After watching The Gala on TV i go to sleep...

I wake up, run downstairs, brush my mane and then go outside.

"Hey! Guess what! Twilight Sparkle has two tickets to next year's Gala!" yelled Carrot Top!

Time to run.

2: Berry Punch + Moondancer POV I: It Makes A Lot Moar Sense In Context Edit

Berry Punch:

Applejack opened a bar! Time to go! Even on the night on The Gala where everyone's watching a ton of crap! Hooray!

Wait a second, you guys don't want to come?


Well that's too bad, better drink some Cider.

See you guys later!

Hell yeah! I'm breaking windows and this isn't even my own house!

I didn't drink that much, Applejack!



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