It was the blue screen of doom again. This happened so many times, it wasn't even funny. How were you supposed to know that free copy of TrollCraft would give you a virus? Oh well, there always was an upside to this sort of thing happening. You get to go see him. The way he types away at that keyboard, that lisp, oh, how it gives you the goosebumps. Well, no use in wasting time, you must go see him again.       A loud knocking echoed throughout Sollux's house. Who could it be this time? Seriously, sometimes being the only troll around here with any kind of technological knowledge was such a pain. "Stop knocking, just come in!" He yells.           You stop knocking and open up the door. "Hey Sollux!"  You greet him with a smile.         "Oh my god, _____ what happened this time?" He remarks with an annoyed tone.        "I-I'm sorry..... I just, I need a little help...... But, if you want me to leave, I can!" You answer as you bow your head a little.       "Wait, no!" He yells. Clearing his throat, he collects himself again. "I mean, if you want to you can. What do you need help with this time?" He holds out his hands, waiting for you to hand him the computer. You stare at his hands, longing to hold them within yours.       "Ahem!" You snap out of your fantasies and gingerly hand him your computer. His fingers fiercely yet gracefully fly across the keyboard. You let you lose yourself within his graceful movements.       "This may take a while." Sollux says as his hands slow to a stop. He sets the computer aside.       "Hm? ....Oh!! uh, ok! Do you want me to come back later, or....?" You wish you could stay, but with his attitude he'd probably say......        "Wait, no, you can, uh, stay here, with me. If you want to." A tint of yellow graces his face. A smile crosses your face and you approach him, and sit beside him on his chair. His chair, however, is rather small and not very comfortable. You're hanging off the seat, and you feel like you're going to fall off soon.         "You can..... sit on my lap if you need to." Both of you begin to blush. This is your chance! No way you're turning this down, no matter how awkward it could be! You slowly position yourself atop his lap. Who knew he was so comfortable?         "You're kind of....warm." He says, still blushing. You blush even harder. He then puts his hands on your arms, and begins to caress them. You shiver, and flinch our of surprise. In a state of shock, you can do nothing but stay frozen in place. He then moves his hands down to your hips, gently caressing those too. He uses the same graceful flow with his fingers now as he does with a keyboard.         Lastly, he brings those graceful fingers to your face, and glides them across your cheeks, and then your lips. He then turns your face to his, and pushes his lips into yours.      He gently runs his hands up and down your hips and legs as he does this as well. You are surprised at first, but as the experience lengthens, you close your eyes and let it happen.        A loud beep suddenly echoes throughout the room. Your computer displays a message notifying you that it's up and running. Sollux lets go of you and turns towards the beeping.       "Ah. Well, its done.... here you go. Thanks for stopping by. We should do this more often." You jump off his lap and grab your laptop.        "Thanks!" You say as you give him a kiss on the forehead and wave goodbye.

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